Broken Shoes, Alexander Rondon Venezuela.

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Hi all Steemiants and Artzonians, Today I come to show you an original drawing about me and part of my situation.

Greetings one more time to all friends and colleagues, I am Alexander Rondon, De Venezuela, Sucre, Cumana. I am 25 years old and I work for a democratic party called Popular Will.

I hope you like the drawing, and my story. Greetings and respects for all of you.

5 (4).jpg54516694_997054767164482_6977687582289166336_n.jpg

My job as such is to be an activist and support in every sense in democratic political events, marches, rallies, meetings, events, etc. As such, my job is to give support, but because it is a party that is against the government and is considered a terrorist party, I do not receive any payment, my payment is to see the smile of the people on their faces after an act of social action.

Several years ago I met the world of cryptocurrencies, I learned about Bitcoin and AltCoins, I met Steemit, and many platforms that through art and culture earn real money and make your life.

Today I want to show you part of my situation, why do I say it that way? Because with this picture I would like you to see that by not having shoes, I keep fighting against this regime and even if I do not have to walk through the streets of my country, I will not stop looking for him and for you.

Part 1:
1 (8).jpg
Part 2:
2 (8).jpg
Part 3:
3 (8).jpg
Part 4:
4 (8).jpg
FInal Part 5:
5 (4).jpg

I hope you like it, and before the community I want to apologize for the problem of my previous drawing, I will leave several links of my previous drawings for you to appreciate them.

More Drawing:

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That's great. You are a great artist. I'll going to send a fews SDB and hope others Steemians do the same.
This is the right way. You are the hope of Venezuela. You must draw original picture, original draw are stronger and more powerfull.

Do not forget to put colors. Maybe the colors of Venezuela. In my opinion this picture is not finished yet. The expression of your face is not the same. Put the same hope I can see in your eyes. The hope of your art. Sincerely.

On this picture we can see all the truth about Venezuela and life condition. Try to put some colors too. And try draws also the other photo too. Where we can see th big hole under your shoes.
@mariusfebruary what do you think about this picture?

Thank you very much for your support Lorenzo, I hope that Mr. Marius likes it, and I will continue to demonstrate art as best I can. In this discussion, I apologize to you for the past situations with my drawings. But nothing matters more to me than to show that many Venezuelans, however bad we are in our situation, we keep fighting for survival, this is the message I leave in this drawing.

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