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in art •  8 months ago

Painted on location near Arroyo Seco, New Mexico.

”Rio Hondo” 16"x24" (#554) oil on panel by Lee Gordon Seebach

It was January 28, 1986. I was painting on a cold, windy, winter morning along Rio Hondo and the road to the Taos Ski Valley. A photographer from The Taos News - John Hanron - stopped by and asked me if he could take pictures as I was working.

When I went home, I learned about the Challenger space shuttle disaster that occurred that morning.

My website: Seebach Fine Art

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Great painting Lee! And the pictures of your younger selves to. How about your geraniums painting? I noticed on your website that the painting is ready?


Thank you @rolf.bakker "Geraniums" is coming along at a slow, steady pace, but many weeks away from completion. The image on the front page of my website is the 1/4 size study in oil for the large painting. I'll post an update soon. Thanks for your interest!

I like it very much-- I can almost "feel the cold" coming from it. Also neat to see photos of "the young painter at work."

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wow you have made this one very beautifully its amazing to see :)

wow you painted this one in the extreme conditions ever so awesome work you did hat's off

in the cold winters its never easy to make but you are an exceptional artist

wow you made this perfect art that time wow awesome

Desde luego conseguiste que el frío saltara al cuadro usando esa gama fria de grises verdosos matizados apenas, en algunos lugares, por toques ocres, sienas y violáceos. La pincelada es potente, rápida y con cuerpo. Es un magnífico paisaje_ambiente. Aunque pasaste frío aguantaste el tirón que no es tan fácil, por que en malas condiciones climáticas uno tiende a abandonar.


@arcoiris Thank you so much for your comment.