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in art •  10 months ago

”Geraniums” 15"x18" oil study for larger painting
by Lee Gordon Seebach

I thought y'all might like to take a video tour of my studio and get a peek at a new project I've been working on. Above is the 1/4 size (15"x18") oil study for a large canvas (30"x36") I just started. The painting is currently in the wash-in stage using a reddish-brown color thinned with turpentine. This allows me to work and re-work the design until it's just so. Then I'll start painting in full color over this wash.

In the 4 minute video, the accompanying music is "Darlin' Nellie Gray" that I recorded with guitar, banjo, and violin with Garageband on my desktop iMac. I've been playing the guitar and banjo for many years but am a novice violinist so don't be too critical of my fiddlin'! :)

"Happiness: the full use of your powers along lines of excellence."

- John F. Kennedy

My website: Seebach Fine Art

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Bright, fresh, and lively!


so beautiful art work so nicely made wow


nice art. I like this.
thanks for sharing

Wow i feel like you will get frustrated with my comments but you amaze me always with your work this is stunning work of your such a masterpiece and the video was so awesome to check out


@blazing I'll never get frustrated knowing that you enjoy my work. It's much appreciated! Thanks for taking the tour of my "happy place." 😀

Thanks for sharing your studio view! I prefer to support a very good art and artist, good luck in steemit community!


@trueart Thanks for stopping by.