Brain Dead Misfit & What Do All Those Parts of the Brain do Anyway?

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Greetings! I hope you all like my latest coloring from Terra Bildspacher "Misfits Vol. 12." I took some creative liberties with this from the red tears to color coding the brain, as my primary career is in healthcare so human anatomy is fun for me.

In the very back in the darker blue is the occipital lobe in charge of sight, image recognition, & image perception.

If you look close enough you'll see a greenish color sandwiching more blue underneath both hands. That's the temporal lobe which is the association area, in charge of short term memory, equilibrium, and aids in emotional regulation.

The blue sandwiched between the green is the parietal lobe which allows one to feel sensations from the muscle and skin, evaluation of weight (think picking up a box), recognizing various objects/ temperature/ and textures.

Wernickes area is the dark blue band which is in charge of written and spoken language comprehension.

The next two bands of red and purple are motor function areas that help initiate the voluntary muscles (the ones you have control of like moving you arm), & eye movement and orientation.

In bright orange we have the frontal lobe in charge of so much to include: concentration, planning, judgement, emotional expression, creativity, and inhibition.

This brain is far from being anatomically correct but still a fun way to show what different areas of our brain do. I used colored pencils, markers, gel pens, and nail polish as my mediums here. Thanks for visiting my post. Feel free to leave a comment love hearing from my fellow Steemians.

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That so dead

Terra's title is "brain dead" and she's primarily a dark artist. And yeah she/it's dead as fck. But im a nerd with human anatomy and studied it for six years in college to contribute to a degree on physical therapy. :)
So I nerded out on this brain. ;)

very cool work the color coding is a greta idea and a lesson for us ;)

Thanks for being an active member of SteemUSA !tip

Thanks! I'm glad you found it to be an interesting lesson. :)

Indeed it was I hope your week has started well :)

Thanks its been fruitful so far other than right now im asthmatic :(

Ohh no sorry to hear that I hope you feel better soon

What a great tool for teaching!!! Thank you so much! Hope all is going well with you and you are settled in your new life. xo


Thanks Denise. As for settling in I'm going through some things but hoping to get through these road bumps in one piece.

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This was very interesting for me. I love how you teach with art!

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