Sketching at museum of Fine Arts .in Valencia,Spain

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Recently I went to the Fine Arts museum in the city of Valencia. Spain.
Its a big museum. With important artworks from the past. Mostly sXVII, and some more recently, like the special room for the masterpieces of Joaquin Sorolla. Even his principal artworks are in the Sorolla's house. In Madrid, this museum has a good variety between portraits and landscapes. i attached a gif below with the main art pieces .

There are other masters artworks. Like the Bosco painting. Its incredible the level of detail that you can only see if you are in front of the artwork. Also the themes . religious but with his esoteric magic.
I choose to sketch this time 2 artworks
The one you see at the beginning its called *Christ appearence to Saint Ignacius of Loyola". The author is Jeronimo Jacinto de Espinosa. From the year 1631. And its an oil on canvas.
The artwork is big..very big! Like 2 meters high.
Its amazing to see it live.. It was nice because it was a kind of sofa to rest in the middle of the room and i could sit there and having a chill time sketching the artwork.

Later I did another one.
Saint George fighting the dragon
This thematic its one of the most popular themes in the religious art. And the saint its also very popular in this area of Spain.
There are several authors that portrait this classic scene. I did this one. The original artwork had another miniatures painting on the sides. But it only fit this one on the paper.
I like this classic medieval style of painting. Very flat in opposite of the realism and perspective of the renaissance.

Watercolor painting


artworks in the museum


Line art drawing


This composition its amazing. the effort that the author gave to this to capture such scene it was tremendous. Its like seeing a movie in just one illustration.
Several characters portrayed here.
The main ones. Christ. Saint Ignacius and the Angel.
The ones above the Virgin Mary and God himself. To the left and the right respectvly.
The simmetry. The verticallity... The figures movements and looks between each other. The expressiveness of the Christ and the face of the Saint with the surprise face. All in this artwork its perfect. Thats why I decided to do a copy.

On location drawing


Process of painting


I traced the original ink drawing and did another version in ballpoint pen.
I like balpoint pen because of the loose feel that gives to the illustration. And this was a painting. So i tryed to capture that with the color lines in red , not showing the contor lines and adding lots of watercolor layers.

Watercolor painting


Its a vertical composition. I like the overall design of it. It has 2 main elements ,one above..the warrior and the other below , the dragon. The main focus its Saint George. Giving it the author almost all the protagonism

On location drawing


saint George process


I did it this time with the black contour lines of ink. Its more a 2d flat illustraion. I wanted to mantain this feeling .like a comic style. The colors are flat and saturated.

I hope you liked reading this post.if you like , you can leave a comment below or upvote if you think it deserve it.
Thanks and see you on the next one!



This is so cool! I particularly like your re-imagining of Christ's appearance - that is such a busy composition and you were very faithful to the original while of course giving it your own signature style and flair :) Love the gif of the artwork in the museum, that was a fun way to give context to your trip. This is a wonderful post! Much love - Carl

Thanks so much Carl! Glad you like the post!, yeah, i try to copy exactly what <i see but giving my personal style.,, i like to do in a cartoony way,, more caricaturized but stull realistic.. thanks for commenting. Hope to do more art and travel posts soon.

Great work! You really take on some ambitious projects. @carloscastro

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