WIP - Alien Blobmonster (mixed media - pen & ink, watercolor, markers)

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Not sure if I should call this a WIP, because honestly I may never get around to finishing this - so might as well give it a moment of glory :) I planned to scan this in and add a background in PhotoShop and do some digital painting to make it glow more from the inside and better define the external light source in the picture. But since then I have started several other art / craft projects, as is my wont. This may be all she wrote for the Alien Blobmonster.


My kids were painting with watercolor last week when I decided to do an ink and watercolor thing along with them. I had the inspiration of a creature that combined some crab-like / exoskeleton features with a translucent amoeba/ooze like body that would encase and surround the exoskeletal features.

I didn't think to take any process pics until after I had already finished the initial ink sketch and had started painting the exoskeleton portion. I wasn't using actual watercolor paper obviously and water was pooling up and running around.


I wanted to just do a very light gray/blue coat of paint on the sections that would end up inside the translucent blob body, and more vibrant colors on the exposed pincer arms. Here is where I got to with the watercolors before setting it aside to dry overnight:


The next morning I decided to tackle the rest of this piece with markers given that, you know, I wasn't using watercolor paper LOL. I started with pink, orange, yellow and green highlighters to add very light translucent color:



Once I had gotten a good glowing orangish base by layering a couple different colors of orange highlighter over the pink highlighter, I started using regular markers to add shadows and depth of color in places. I also started adding in some greens and purples with marker over the watercolor on the pincer arms as well:


Here is where I stopped working and decided I would finish it up digitally (famous last words):


I think I may have gone too far with the markers by the time I stopped. I actually like how it looked a little earlier when more of the lightness of the highlighters showed through. The post cover image is about when I should have stopped I think :)

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Me thinks an alien blobmonster will always be unfinished as well as overdone.. That's alien shit! Interesting nonetheless and props for posting it as is, raw and uncut..

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A blob with mandibles!
Final Boss!

I think that is looking fantastic.

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I think it looks finished as is, Carl! I wouldn't retouch it very much cuz it looks great <3 Love the version at the top of the post, you are right !!!

Not having used watercolour paper suited the likes of this being straight out of "Life" (or Mars repopulated out of its own DNA, see film): it is squirming to become alive!
Ah, the art of knowing when to stop.... I think we paint and produce only to learn that one lesson. (Good news, in the end, you know : last breath time, we all succeed... Sorry, don't mean to be a stoic downer! In the meantime, I root for all of us to keep sharing the learning process so we don't forget to play a little more with inner radiance!)
Isn't watercoulor just the hardest medium! Totally under-rated. Glad you were inspired by your kids like any trooper parent should be!