Surface Expedition Report [Pt. 2 of 9]

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Initial attempts to define perimeter of discovery have failed. Large biomechanical machinery continues outward in all directions, obscured by sand deposits. Core samples along 1 km radius reveal the anomalous layer continues to extend underneath sandstone cliffs to the south.

Time to put some boots on the ground. Dry furnace heat out here. Crunchy. The surface of the sand is a crispy crust.

This is crazy! Literally every step I take I am destroying a shard of some kind of clockwork machinery. The scale of this is so much bigger than we thought! I am already 3 km out.


This is different - this windswept area. It looks like the entire exposed slickstone formation is alien machinery. Iris formations are likely portals?


This section is much better preserved than the crater site. Metal surfaces still have luster. Not a grain of sand wedged in the gearing. Instruments are not picking up any readings but I swear I can hear a humming. Half expecting this place to come to life around me.


This... this here feels religious. This feels like I am in a temple. Still nothing on instrument readings... but this humming! Surely there is a humming. A very loud, very noticeable humming. I can see the surfaces of the machinery vibrating with the humming.

Oh shit is that section opening up?


Wow. Well... the underlying tissue here is very much alive. And the colors!

The colors


This is part two of a multi-part series.

Part 1: A crumbling machine found in the desert

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