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This idea
Your love of country
Allows you to hate your neighbor.

They throw around terms,
like socialism and fascism,
in the same breath,
as if one naturally leads to the other.

Frantically they defend
Right wing, left wing
A bird on a collision course with mirrored glass
Not avoiding the other bird.

Children sob quietly to themselves, an insecure future
They don't know why they are there, punished for sins they don't understand.

How deep is your hateriotism?
How black are your white stripes?
How blood is your red?
Goebbels meme and the hateriots gobble.
Bobble head talking heads parrot guised as patriotism.

But real patriots love their country and accept every diverse facet of it, and even if they don't understand it all, they accept it as the strength of a free society.

Hateriots will give you their poison opinions, troll you down to their level, divide and divide, hiding behind excuses for their abuses, blaming, shaming, gaming base emotion.

Simple contest.

-One tag has to be Hateriotism, this makes finding your post easier.
-Art must relate to/be representative of poem.
-Winning entry will be used in follow up post.
-You may link to the post in the comment section here.
-You may use parts or all of the poem in your submission.
-This is an international contest, examining Hateriotism as it relates to your own country will be meritorious.
-I alone will judge unless donations raise the prize pool, donators will become ineligible for prizes but are still welcome to enter and will become officiants. More prizes may be awarded based on donations.

Initial prize offering - 40 STEEM for first prize

Good luck to all entrants. Contest closes at post payout. Please share.

For international rules copy post and click here to translate

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Here is mine! Wish I could do more than just a sketchy cartoon but I got a lot on the go right now.



Congratulations🎉🎉🎉, by unanimous decision you are the weiner🎉🎉🎉 40 Steem coming right up!


Like taking candy from a baby! Nice! I like it when I win by default and no actual skill is involved. ha ha. Anyways - thank you. My winnings shall be put towards doing the tourist thing in the Capital for Canada Day, So thanks Steemit sugar daddy.
Fitting for the winnings, I think, to use them to celebrate a diverse country.

Cheers Eli

Whenever you want to give up this contest ruse and pay for me to illustrate one of your books - you know where I am at.


Thanks again!

This is a rather noble concept to work on. I will think something up. 40 STEEM is too good to pass up, I just threw a bunch of money at breasts recently and could use the steem now haha. Fracken titties always taking my moneys.

Ok, I shall play, but I will be getting my trialbycomics entry in before cut off first. So I shall take my time about it :-P


I look forward to your entry. Breasts have also taken my money from time to time, so I'm understanding.


titties (what got hands) always taking my moneys


"But real patriots love their country". . . Eli, buddy, patriotism is euphemism for nationalism (that was an unintentional rhyme). Why da fuck should love my country? I could have been born in France or Russia or some shit. There are dirt, borders and bunch of retards here just like in any other country, so why should I love this one?
No matter how liberal you are, if you call yourself a patriot it's still "us against them" just like racism. . . But racism is bad, right? How the hell is patriotism good then?
I'm pretty sure patriotism will be outdated in few hundred years and countries will not exist if things go well.

Have a good one E. and fuck Albania!!!


You can be proud of your country without hating other countries. There only is 'us', 'them' is a construct of division. There are dentists in every country, and all though they may practice differently, they all fix teeth. It's a lame argument, but it's a start. There's a lot of needless hate and it's not healthy.


Yeah strawberries are awesome. . . so smooth. . . you can make ice cream out of them or just eat them fresh because. . . no wait. . . what were we talking about? Oh yeah, patriotism. Why is tribalism ok when it comes to lines on the map but not ok when it comes to skin color?


If your tribe invented fire, all good, be proud of that shit all you want, but don't be hating on the other tribe because they invented square wheels. Neither is great, but you can change the direction of a tribes ideology, you can't change the pigment of their skin, accept through selective breeding, but that's a thought for another day.


I'm not talking about hate, I just mentioned racism to show you how ridiculous tribalism is.

It's impossible for the whole tribe to invent fire, it's always one individual. It's one thing to use that fire and be grateful, but to be proud just because you share the same nationality with the person who invented fire is pretty disrespectful to them. You can't claim that their greatness is your greatness when all you've done is nothing. Bunch of people here are proud of Nikola Tesla because he was a Serb. For me that's ridiculous. You should be proud of your achievements only.
Am I making any sense to you?


It totally makes sense to me. I didn't invent the Canadaarm or basketball, nor did I birth Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling, but we all have a bit of Canada in us, and it would be lame of me to take credit for their achievements. But knowing and respecting your countries history without using it as a catalyst or guise for racism should be a goal, too often I see rebel rousers that don't know shit spitting rhetoric about how the paki's and Muslims are wrecking their country, when their country is really being ruined by rampant xenophobia and a belief the beliefs that were are some how better than that which comes to be.


Well this is going nowhere. We're on the same side but not on the same page. I'm just gonna pretend this debate never happened and go and comment on your new post.
Good day to you sir!


On another note, we picked strawberries today😄. image.jpeg

your art contest just fantastic.because you explan doing this tropic very perfectly.firstly i am to know welcome to you.again post giving tjis platform.i think that,you are fine.. Hateriot art contest matter fully new for me.because i heard this contest name first time.its obviously fully new experience for me.thanks to sharing for your great post of contest.but today you not giving when picture of you and your family.thank you for your good thought post in your blog.very well done.take care yourself and best of luck of your great work.may god bless you.. my dear friend. @bleedpoet.i miss you very much..all the best..

Interesting where this may go!


I hoping it inspires something, it takes me awhile to build 40 STEEM.