Drawing Therapy: Detoxifying The Mind One Drawing At A Time!

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Yoohoo steemies! Its been a long month! I've been taking my time since the loss of my doggie and trying to enjoy life as it is. I had a loooong bday celebration too. My family spent 4 days celebrating my birthday... it was weird cause we usually don't celebrate a thing but it was nice all the extra love! I ate like insane, I feel like I got like 20lbs in those 4 days but we only live once, right?! Also I've been drawing a lot, it relaxes me and help me empty my head from all the everyday crap. Is my therapy!


You see, I'm re-learning how to draw properly. When I was a kid I used to draw awesome, then adulthood came and all got screwed up. I stopped drawing and forgot all... adulthood sucks! So I've been re-learning how to draw, practicing everyday and I must confess its been a very interesting process. When I started I sucked big time and now my drawings looks decent enough to be shared. I still have to learn a lot but I'm not in a hurry, I'm taking my time and enjoying all the process.


With every trace my mind gets empty, I just focus in whats in front of me and let everything fades. Instead of getting frustrated cause I can't draw like a pro I enjoy the whole process, I analyze every trace I make, why I can't make the shape that's in my mind and then move to try something else. I try, I make lots of errors, I analyze, I learn from my mistakes and keep moving on... the start again and repeat the whole process over and over again. So far the most difficult thing for me to draw are the eyes and the hair and I think I'm getting better at that.


There's no hurry, no frustration or whatsoever. Just me and the blank canvas waiting to be filled. Sometimes it takes me 2 hours to make just 1 face but when I finished I feel accomplished, relaxed, happy and at peace. I show my "awesome" creations to my friends and they celebrate each one of them! Cause with every drawing I get better and they know drawing makes me happy. How about you guys? What you do to detoxify your mind from all the everyday crap?

All the drawings were made in autodesk sketchbook app.




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Thanks a lot! ❤


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I love these! I'm glad you're getting back into it. Side note: I totally downloaded the program you're using and am going to give a go! Thank you!

Thanks a lot @carrieallen! I tried several drawing apps and autodesk is so far the best one! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 😀

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Out of the ashes... Keep doing and sharing :)

I'm a phoenix cousin ahahaha

Glad to see you back and doing what you love.

Is really relaxing! How's the fam?

We are good. The usual :)

In order not to clean my mind of shit, I try not to fill it with shit. This does not always work, but I have my camera))
You draw well. It reminds me of Japanese cartoons, although I do not watch them))

Its impossible to not have shit in our heads in this chaotic world hehehe
Thanks, I'm trying to draw properly :)

...success to you and health))

Howdy blacklux! Good to see you here again! I can see how drawing is therapeutic for you, good for you. I don't do anything to detoxify because there is nothing to detoxify. lol.