Graphite Artefact : The Rune House / timelapse

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I won't be able to write the next part of Wanderings in Imaginary Lands this week : a bit too busy.

Instead, here's the timelapse of a graphite artifact made these last two days : the "Rune House", abstract graphite drawing on wooden tablet, playing spontaneously with lines and angles and ending with some northern-runic-shaped symbols, hence the title.

The tablet had some previous collage on which I've put layer of gesso. I've left raw vertical brush strokes, wondering if I could get some sort of "interlaced" effect. Not sure yet if that would work : acrylic blender still drying while I type this :)

Have fun and take care of yourselves, steemed people ! ;)


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cool to see the whole process! thanks for sharing!

Thank you @romanie, It's all my pleasure :)

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aaaaaaah really cool, @berien ! love the timelapse <3 you have a very neat way of handling the mechanical pencil <3

Thanks @veryspider <3 I'm happy you appreciate ;)