Thanks very much!
I'm definitely tempted to play with it again and I can take you through the steps I make. :-)
In fact, your comment makes me want to do it today.

Go out and have fun shooting away! Only way to learn is to keep on playing with the different shots and filters. I plan shooting the outdoors myself, but I don't know anything about applying artistic filters and such. One step at a time for me. Learn how to use my camera first, then else later. :)

Have fun!

lol - yes, use the camera! Take it with you everywhere... you never know when an interesting shot will turn up. Figure that part out, then start playing.
I'm not currently able to get out for many great pictures, but it will change as the season warms for us and we are able to go out for a drive somewhere. In the mean time, playing with old shots is useful and fun.

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