Inktober - 31 days of INK drawings - Day 5 - 6 -7 and 8 !!

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Hey Steemertz!

To follow up on my previous post!

Here are the updates on my Inktober drawings!
These are the drawings for day 5 - 6 - 7 and 8! Enjoy!!

See you soon!



In all honesty (and I really mean it), you are one of the most talented artists I have ever seen. Your work is utter class and I'm seriously just blown away by how great you can draw.

Steemit should be considering it an honour for you to be kind enough to post your incredible work here for us all to enjoy. Simply phenomenal, sir. You have big things in store career wise with this level of quality.

Pure brilliance, @beekart. Please don't stop posting and keep em coming. :)

Wow, just wow - this looks really good!

Thank you ! ;) I do my best! ^^

Abstract, kontemporer art.....
I'm upvoted.

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Great work. I upvoted and am now following you :) Happy steeming

WoW is a very nice black pen work, you are very talented. @beekart I expect more black pen work.

yep im trying to get all of it done this inktober! :D so atleast 23 more!

That orc looks very intimidating, and what the hell are the creatures in the last one?! Nice inks especailly that undead in the first photo, but I think your coloring skills are great and bring your drawings to life -- so I am eager to see all those colored, too.

Thank you very much :D The creatures in the last are meant to be sort of decorative god masks.. i saw so many of that type of styled artwork when i was on vacation in indonesia :D it was super inspiring! :D

Amazing drawings. You have a really great graphic style. Would love to see more

it is coming! :) During inktober i try to draw 1 ink drawing every day! :D

lovin your line art! It's quite varied.

Thank you so much ;)

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BTW, I wanted to ask you something. I really enjoyed your working as a free lance artist post where you talked and doing wow art. Working free Lance is something Ive always struggled at. Do you have any advice for me? I do mainly Vector art when it comes to illustration. You can check out my website its Id really appreciate any advice or comments. Anyway, look forward to seeing more of your work. So lucky that you're working for Blizzard 😊

I'll try to make a blog post sometime where I'll go in a little further,, but 1 thing i always tell everyone who asks me..

Try to create an online presence, have a website, post your stuff to platforms like facebook, instagram, deviantart, steemit, etc etc etc.. But even more important.. be around, dont post 1 thing a month or week.. every day or every other day. be active as much as possible.

Great drawing, @beekart
Keep filling that book with fantastic drawings.

Most definitely! :D

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