Daily Artzone winner @Livvu

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Daily winner @Livvu

Hey there team ArtZone, @ArtZanolino here to ball out with you on this Friday night! I'm happy to announce we are receiving some serious high grade in the mix. I don't want to chat you up to much, so let's just get straight to the party! Oh yeah, talking about parties, shout-out to my dear grandmother Wilhelmina (Mientje) Binda who turned 90 today!

Without further a do, today's winner.




Comment by @ArtZanolino

"Serene and blissful. Gorgeous colours and great composition. The Love you have for the subject and the art is easily transmitted to the viewer in this one. Remarkable work!"

small banner 1.jpg




Comment by @ArtZanolino

"Another great work by @Gric, he has a way of making ghost structures that go into infinity. They often have an element of life that has been lived, and in this one even more so with a love story that stands the test of time"

small banner 2.jpg




Comment by @ArtZanolino

"I really love this mechanical creature making his great escape. He's already digging his way through the frame. One of my criteria for great art is when it functions without a frame, this lil' digger seems to have got the memo! I also love the dynamics of the subtle textures"

small banner 4.jpg


Billy the Kid tw.jpg


Comment by @ArtZanolino

"Billy the kid! This gunslingin', whisky drinkin', rootin' tootin' billy goat really came to party! I like how you were able to achieve this beautiful, stylish and fun work in a mostly sober color palette! Ironic that most of the color comes from the booze. Great work!"

small banner 3.jpg




Comment by @ArtZanolino

"@Beinart is an amazing artist in his own right, but he has a truly remarkable taste for art too. This is a piece by Lukifer Aurelius that he is currently showing at his gallery. What a breath taking piece of contemporary surrealism! Go check out his page, even just having his works and curations in your feed will help you develop your own taste in art. Please do feed the artists though"

small banner 7.jpg


I'm gonna share with you now a little clip I made in collaboration with our head musical curator @EdPrivat. After that I'll share some more works with you in rapid fire!


Check out the clip here

small banner 6.jpg



2017 Red Rose.jpg


small banner 8.jpg



C360_2018-05-26-00-48-16-936 (1).jpg


small banner 9.jpg





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DSCF4180 (2).JPG



small banner 5.jpg





small banner 12.jpg

Last call

And just like that, out little curation is coming to an end... Don't forget to show the artists and curators some Love! I hope you enjoyed yourself and wish you a great continuation of your weekend. Bless ya life! @ArtZanolino


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Art curation from the heart provided to you by @SurfYogi @ArtZanolino @DarQub @EdPrivat @Gbija @Gvand @Jacobite @Nmalove @Twirble @Web-Gnar

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Thank you very much for your pick @artzone ! Great encouragement for artists!!

Congratulations to all Winners!....:)...

All the picks are dope!

Great art work all the art work make sense

Congratulations to the winner and i want to say that, this art is having that spiritual essence, so keep up this great and artistic work and Steem On. Thanks for sharing this post with us team. Wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Very convincing collection of excellent art. Thank you kindly, for including my work!

Very initiative work. @artzone

That art is so nice.artzone beat of luck.

congratulations to all winners, this is a right way @artzone to appreciate steemit artists.

its super contest

Tranh chị vẽ đẹp quá.:)).