Artzone curation 8th of June 2018

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Friday Curation with @ArtZanolino

Dear @ArtZone, @ArtZanolino here to present you with Friday's curation.

It's been a crazy week for me, I entered my 33rd cycle around the sun on the 7th, I got asked to make visuals for Tomorrow-land with approximately five days to get my work approved (burning the midnight oil at a hardcore rate) and tomorrow is my buddy Quint's wedding, with a bunch of besties and family on the island, time has been limited, sleep and food secondary.

I need to get back to my productions for the Tomorrow-land festival, but first I'm gonna go fetch you the best @ArtZone content I can find, see you at the end of the post!



small banner 25.jpg



small banner 27.jpg


agnes laczo art illustration fantasy art colorful mix.jpg

small banner 29.jpg


image (1).png

small banner 32.jpg


Werner Hornung_The Juggler.gif

small banner 35.jpg



small banner 40.jpg



small banner 41.jpg



small banner 42.jpg



small banner 44.jpg


modelo negra terminada.jpg

small banner 30.jpg

Back to Love

Thanks for checking out a selection of my finest. Hope you've enjoyed yourself! Now time to get back to doing what you Love.


Art curation from the heart brought to you by: @surfyogi @artzanolino @nmalove @web-gnar @twirble @jacobite @gvand @gbija @edprivat

"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." -Confucius-

Today's edition curated by

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Surfyogi with @artzone and @wafrica

Wow I think great the artistic content you found! They are very beautiful the paintings made by the artists, excellent work! Thank you for sharing

Well deserve congratulation to them all weldon @artzanolino

wow! really oustanding post dear @artzone team
love you @artzone
love you @surfyogi

Thanks for the information sir...............


Excellent! You're so amazing 👏 👏 👏

very amazing, I really like the art. @artzone @ArtZanolino

This is some amazing artwork! New discoveries everywhere! Thank you so much for putting this together!

Hola amigos! aqui les dejo mi publicación. Espero les guste.

With love and the love of art. It an honor to be a part of this

With love and the love
Of art. It an honor to
Be a part of this

                 - alien-mastermind

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