Painting selfie in oils (+process photos)

in art •  10 months ago


Hello Steemians!

Haven't been posting for a while here and glad to be back to social activity, so since I haven't been posting any selfies here before this post can be considered as "introduce yourself" post! I will post more soon - alla prima paintings, ballpoint drawing and everything in between, with proccess photos and thoughts so stay tuned folks!

This small 9x12 inchess alla prima selfie was done in more or less classical earthy atelier pallette.I've painted it on Arches oil painting paper, can't say I really dig this stuff but when I'm out of canvas I use it.

Here is some steps, very straightforward approach this time:


And as we all know - you can't so good selfie without selfie-stick so I bought one and can't be happy enough with it - it's most advanced and lightweight mahl stick I ever used!


Hope you like it, feel free to leave your questions, thoughts and comments. Peace

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Heartly welcome to the futureof steemit

Amazing portrait! Keep posting because your parintings are awesome.


Glad you like it! Thanks

LMAO at the selfie stick... 😂

This, "Nice job with the #introduceyourself tag tip" is courtesy of the @helpie community.

Oh, and - tip!


Thanks! (。◕‿◕。)ノ

oohh what an artwork! I also love to draw faces and I'll learn things from you. Fellow Artist hereee


Cool! Thanks! :)

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Me alegra verte en Steemit, Saludos.


Muchas gracias!

This is amazing, the lighting and colour looks so natural. I was never able to get the hang of oil, so I'm very impressed.

I've upvoted, followed and Resteemed you.


Thank you for your support! I deeply appreciate it

Welcome Arthur! I only just discovered your profile. Looking forward to seeing more of your work on Steemit. =)


Thank you, Leo! It means a lot for me when I recieve appreciation from fellow artists, I like your work!


This is so beautiful, I'm in love!


Thank you, Paula! :)