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Hello to all my friends!
Today I present a new watercolor work, a wonderful place that I discovered on this island!
A completely abandoned house, but full of charm and mystery. I wanted to portray her from an interesting view, that is precisely when I discovered her among a tangle of plants, palmettes, maritime pines and aleppi.
The main subject, the house, as you can see appears among the lights that illuminate it on the left. I was immediately struck by the windows and shutters torn by time. Even the lack of glass taxes is very impressive.
By contrast I added the plants with purple and cobalt blue shades, with Payne gray forcing.
I hope you like it and make you dream at least a little, as happened in my case.

Ciao a tutti i miei amici!
Oggi vi presento un nuovo lavoro ad acquarello, di un posto meraviglioso che ho scoperto in quest'isola!
Una casa completamente abbandonata, ma ricca di fascino e di mistero. Ho voluto ritrarla da una visuale interessante, cioè proprio mentre l'ho scoperta tra un groviglio di piante, palmette, pini marittimi e aleppi.
Il soggetto principale, la casa, come potete vedere appare tra le luci che la illuminano sulla sinistra. Mi hanno subito colpito le finestre e le imposte divelte dal tempo. Anche la mancanza di imposte con i vetri è molto suggestiva.
Per contrasto ho inserito le piante con ombre violacee e blu cobalto, con forzature di grigio di Payne.
Spero che vi piaccia e vi faccia sognare almeno un pochino, come è successo nel mio caso.

fogliano retro.JPG

title: The abandoned house where the fairies live
technique: watercolor on paper
size: 45x35cm.

fogliano retro1.jpg


fogliano retro2.jpg


fogliano retro3.jpg


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Altro che sognare... quest'acquarello fa VOLARE! eheheh

Grazie, Armando: hai creato e condiviso un'altra opera meravigliosa!


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@armandosodano, I was attracted by the name of Your post and I was not mistaken :). That's about what my imagination drew. Excellent work. It is in this mystical place can be inhabited by fairies. I like the shades used in watercolor technique. These old walls and dark Windows with torn shutters add even more mystery.


ty for your comment @madlenfox!

The colours are beautiful @armandosodano! Although the house looks abandoned (an effective water colouring by you - I love the half torn windows too!), it looks magically scary with the trees surrounding it. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work with us :)

This house, it is so full with characters in the way that you painted it. We see the house from the audience's point of view, covered by dark and wild trees that certainly look like they have not been tended for years. And the way you painted the buildings, with reddish and yellow hues, and the broken windows, they certainly speak volume of abandonment and mystery. Well done :).          
Congratulations on your curie vote.        

Quando l'ho vista mi è subito venuto in mente... Immagine rubata! Quelle esperienze che si ha da piccoli quando vai ad esplorare e ti ritrovi davanti a una casa abbandonata. Sai che non puoi intrufolarti dentro e allora ti limiti a osservare il più vicino possibile, di nascosto anche se sai che non c'è nessuno nei paraggi. Piace molto questo lavoro, bravissimo Armando.
Un saluto, nicola

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grazie Nicola @knfitaly per le tue belle parole!

Hi armandosodano,

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This is really beautiful, love the colours you used . it really does give a dreamy effect looking at it. Great artwork :)

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As always, your drawings made me smile :> Such beautiful colours ! The shading and composition makes me feel as if I stumble upon this abandoned house... and as you know, abandoned places have their silent stories about them... Wonderfully captured here !

Love the little details such as the window pane coming off that indicates that the place has been abandoned for a while now...

Beautiful piece, @armandosodano !


ty @veryspider for your nice comment;)

@armandosodano, it really a fantastic work. If you didn't mention in your post, I thought this was an oil painting. Your drawing talent really amazing. May I know what type of drawing paper you used? It look different with normal drawing paper.

wow..I must say again, you really talented. Hope to see your art more.


yes I use often paper Fabriano rouge 400g or 600g @oliviackl


Thank you for the info.. Wait for your next drawing. By the way, you should frame it and put it on sale.:)


@oliviackl Thank you for your suggestion, I have a good market and I do not think I can sell them here on steemit. If anyone were interested, they could certainly contact me.

@armandosodano It's a really phantastic watercolor work. Thank you for allowing us to dream on that island in the lovely and beautiful house. You managed to highlight every little detail. Awesome job you're doing. The house is abandoned but charming in watercolor painting. Its windows with its chimney upstairs and the trees surrounding it are all very interesting. I really liked it. Great job and your way of expressing us every detail in your work of art in agreement. Excellent landscape achieved. A big hello.


ty for your insideful comment

Fantastic painting. I love the way the house is being taken back to nature

Armando, stai facendo passi da gigante. Non da pittore quale sei e del quale ormai da qualche mese conosciamo le qualità, ma a livello di reward!!! Complimenti vivissimi!!!

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Awesome painting maestro @armandosodano

Most of villages nowadays have this kind of houses because almost everyone are moving to big cities ... but maybe the magical world happens in silence where the houses are remaining and fairies are creating unseen worlds during the night.

Regards maestro

Guau the house looks amazing, the windows a little close but your work are very subreal, have a great day.

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Your painting did well in portraying the abandoned house; the windows, the somewhat overgrown plants, the little cracks on the building, etc. You captured all the details. It is a really beautiful painting!

amazing, just so amazing <3<3
i love so much how you used the colors, and how interesting the technique looks <3
it feels like a fantasy place ^^


Great colors and style. cant wait to see more!

Have a great time, all the best!

(i do a lot of art too by the way ;) )


-edga NOWARGraffitis

This really looks like a place of fairies :-)

Hello this painting looks so pretty and i love the idea that little fairies are leaving inside:)


ty for comment

Any place with fairy folk in residence is my kind of place. I love that one window with the droopy shutter. It just draws my imagination to wonder what is inside the rooms.


ty for your comment

howdy sir armandosodano! ha! what's that cat that came up? that's so cool..anyway yes I was really affected by the mood created by this vision of the house, the contrasting colors is beautiful and the colors of the house are realistic and it does have a dreamy effect to it. I call it wonderful! and you do similar type of paintings that you post about?


ty for your nice comment @janton I often paint in watercolor but the results are not always great, I still have to learn a lot, in my website there are other paintings.


thank you seem to be pretty professional to me! lol. thank you for the link!