Leather is my art medium: The Great Wallets, Phone Cases, and Hats of the Apocalypse: Part 2 Making the Leather "Cool" How I Did That

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If you missed part 1 where I posted a photo gallery of my Mad Max line of leather goods, click on the link and take a look. And please give it an upvote and a resteem if you like what I am doing. https://mspsteem.com/art/@armadilloman/leather-is-my-art-medium-the-great-wallets-phone-cases-and-hats-of-the-apocalypse-part-1


The Mad Max accessories are made from leather that I have hand textured, colored and distressed. The fantasy idea behind them is that some craftsman of the apocalypse is making items out of strangely tanned and abused leather...new items made from leather from who knows what kind of beast that has been through something awful and the results are gruesome and beautiful at the same glance.


Step 1 : The whole process begins with the leather.
Just a plain piece of 3-4 oz Vegetable Tanned Cowhide. Not particularly a good piece. A piece cut from around the belly leg area. A piece that is a little stiff and not particularly nice in top grain.


Step 2 : Abuse
Leather is an amazingly plastic medium. If it is given a vegetable (plant based) tanning, it can be dampened and tooled, embossed, and in this case stomped on, and it will retain the impressions made.

I have a lot of different textures I can apply, but in this case I am going to start by jumping up and down on it on a rough sidewalk. The neighbors just roll their eyes when I am out stomping in the yard.


And I am going to beat on it on my badly weathered back deck to get some parallel lining through it.


Back at my work bench I take several different texturing and stamping tools and fill in empty areas keeping in mind the look of the whole.


Step 3: Color
On this piece I am going to channel my inner expressionist painter and smack some red and crimson dye on the leather.


And next I cover it all with a medium brown "Highlight Stain" which will settle in all the texture I have made.


When the highlight stain is dry, I take a wet paper towel and start to rub some of the darkest color off of the tops of the bumps and ridges of the textured leather.


Step 4: Finish
When all dry from the stain removal, I will put a matte acrylic finish on the leather and, in this case, take some sandpaper to the piece and give it some wear and make the highlights pop even more.


Half way to a finished product. Next I will have to cut out the pieces for whatever, wallet, hat, phone case, I am making. I usually spend most of a work day or two creating the textures and colors for an upcoming project.



Please let me know what you think of my unveiling the secrets behind these leather items.

Is anybody interested in seeing a part 3? How about I make a card wallet out of this leather and then give it away to some luck Steamian? Like, comment, and resteem to let me know what you think.

Oh and here is my introduction post from a couple days ago, in case you missed it (and everybody missed it). Stop by and say hi!

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It is very impressive. Located at the junction with my favorite steampunk genre.

I make a couple different steampunk hats, belts wallets.

Hey this is great! I loved your handmade pieces in part 1, but this process description is very specific and informative...please go on, you will build your audience soon ;-)

You are just perfect for this job!

Hi, @armadilloman!
It is truly an amazing and beautiful creativity! I have always admired the practical masterpieces, all that you can to wear. Especially shoes and hats. And especially in this style. Will come to you and enjoy) Work with skin at all times was harmful to health - is a conscious victim. But how beautiful it is!

Thank you @gilween for the kind words. Yes, life long leather workers who handle chrome tanned leather are at risk as are all who grind leather and breath the dust.

Please be very careful! We need you healthy!

very very cool. keep up the great work. now following...

I tripped on over @inksanity and I like your stuff! I like the updated kind of abstractionism. I will follow.

Nice work, I like that your doing something different. Its hard to push against the grain and create art that is unusual. I was a bit unsure about making silicone masks and had to overcome a lot before I started making them.

Hey @jarradlevi ...I follow and will take a closer look at your stuff when I have time. Thanks for stopping by!

Oh man so cool! I love the texture. Found another artist! Resteemed! :D

Thanks so much and for the resteem

I love seeing the process behind the materials you use in your craft! It gives so much more character to the pieces, and shows how much attention to detail you have with your products. Definitely want to see more process of how you take these textured leathers and turn them into hats and wallets.

Thanks so much @somekid I will give you a follow and a vote as we minnows have to "school" together!

Wow I think your leather wirk is exquisite. the colors are amazing. I love the hats. you are very talented @armadilloman thamk you for sharing

I appreciate that @artywink ! More to come. Stay tuned.

I love this! Beautiful work! Always will love to see more.

Thank you @promthi ! More is coming. Part 3 where I make a small wallet of the leather up next.
Looks like you are just getting started, so I will be a follower!

loving the steampunk vibes! i find the weathering process is often more exciting than the making of the item itself. following!

also just spotted this is your first big payout post. congrats, ive only had one similar so far, heres to more to come!

Thanks so much for the resteem, @robali123

my pleasure, interesting post!

Wow, these things are unique. I'd sure like a wallet out of this leather! My uncle is a leatherworker up in Alaska. He learned from the Amish here in Indiana many years ago. I've always thought this kind of thing was cool.

Thanks @bristowboy. Leather is kind of an unforgiving medium that takes a few years to get comfortable with. Leatherworker in Alaska...thats two great tastes in one!

Yellow Rose Leatherworks is their name. They've worked hard to get to where they're at. He taught me a few things. I'm happy that I got to learn :)

Wow, thanks for taking the time to share your trade, very impressive...

Thank you @ablaze. More to come. Stay tuned.

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