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🎨 [D.I.Y] 🌷🍃 Bracelet Maker for Embroidery Beads + 1st Practice 🍃🌷 - By: @Tesmoforia.

By: @tesmoforia


In the middle of 2018, thanks to Pinterest, I knew about a method to make "Bead Jewelry" (bracelets and chokers) using a wooden frame which had several straight nylon strings, parallels to each other and with enough space to work efficiently.


Food Revolution 5.0 - Exhibition in Winterthur

By: @delishtreats


A few years ago, I started to learn about the impact that we have on the environment and I read a lot about our contribution to climate changes, depletion of natural resources, pollution, deforestation, waste and other relevant topics.


Oil Painting Portrait #2

By: @jacinta.sevilla


I'd love to share my painting. Although this time the paint is a different brand. My painting process is still the same but the results are a bit different.


Keep up the awesome work!

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