Timelapse on creation #2: I cartoonize you... or animize you, whatever suits you best

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Sorry for the delay, Mercury has landed on me... as the Universe has given me a major finger this last week. This Friday my laptop charger died and that expense was DEFINETLY not on my budget, work and family have me full time... so I'm a little bitter... more than usual.

This week I'm gonna show you how I've been cartoonizing friends who have been asking me to draw them. I haven't really draw in a long time but, and I have the greatest goal of starting to do it againg.

So, my pal Maga requested a portrait as a joke BUT I delivered and surprised her.


Sadly, I just thought of making a timelapse of the making when it was half finished... sorry about that.


In the end I do think it turned out pretty ok.. after years of not even holding a color pencil. Not happy with the eye/glasses situation... but...

WP_20180519_013 1.jpg

What do you think? It looks like her?


She loved it BTW. Screamed and told everyone. That kind of reaction makes me happy. Go crazy, girl.

Gonna be doing theese a lot more for Father's Day for sure.

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  ·  last year (edited)

This is great! I love the colours. I'm following you now.

I wish I had found your blog earlier, I would have invited you to join my Portrait Drawing Contest, but the contest just ended a few days ago. But if you follow my blog, I'll have other art contests soon. I hope you'll be able to join in the fun next time.

I'm in!

Nice! Keep working in the draw!

Waoo te quedo muy bien

Te quedo genial el dibujo, yo tambien lo hago, me gusta el uso del color y sombras que empleaste

I like the style a lot, and think it looks great, the only thing I would say in critique is the hand looks a bit small. Otherwise its great and keep up the good work! Look forward to seeing more!
I feel you on the unexpected expenses, I just got back from a trip and my laptop broke at the airport and im screwed right now!
Best of luck!!!

I agree! the hand... oh, the hand!!!
Oh, shit... sorry about your laptop!

Muy psicodelico
y por art, me gusto mucho.

nice (;

que buena calidad la de tus dibujos, me gusto mucho, espero seguir viendolos