Watercolor sketch, which can be repeated every ✨

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Watercolor sketch, which can be repeated every

▶ ️List out the carousel, see the photo and read the instruction ✨


🔷 Wet the sheet well before work

🔷 Apply a semi-transparent layer of indigo (color), apply a background, a little brighter - the front. This is necessary because such a sketch is done without a pencil sketch, so we paint silhouettes of trees directly on a blank sheet

🔷 work quickly❗️First layers must be wet. We darken the front trees, again cover the background with a translucent layer. Working out the foreground will help to create a volume for us, and watercolor on a wet background - the air in the work.

🔷 Details of branches and front trees are made on a dry / slightly damp surface of the paper - depending on what you want to get later effect

🔷 Complete the work with a couple of details: birds, sprays and everything that fantasies do ✨

🔷 A large format and a good study can make the work even better.

Vote, if you want more of these posts. Anyone can send their work on this post in the comments, I will be pleased 😻 Good luck ❤️

photo from which I drew

Акварельный скетч, который может повторить каждый
▶️Листай карусель, смотри фото и читай инструкцию ✨
🔷 хорошо смочите лист перед работой
🔷 полупрозрачным слоем индиго (цвет) нанесите задний фон, чуть поярче - передний. Это необходимо потому, что такой скетч делается без эскиза карандашом, поэтому силуэты деревьев мы наносим краской сразу на чистый лист
🔷 работайте быстро❗️Первые слои обязательно по мокрому. Затемняем передние деревья, полупрозрачным слоем опять покрываем задний план. Проработка переднего фона поможет создать нам объём, а акварель по мокрому - воздух в работе.
🔷 детализацию веток и передних деревьев делаем по сухой/слегка влажной поверхности бумаги - в зависимости от того, какой хотите получить в последствии эффект
🔷 завершите работу парой деталей: птицы, брызги и все, на что хватит фантазии ✨
🔷 большой формат и хорошая проработка может сделать работу ещё лучше.

Голосуйте, если хотите ещё таких постов. Все желающие могут отправить свои работы по этому посту в комментарии, мне будет приятно 😻 Удачи ❤️ 

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Love your art andriana


I'm very glad that you like. By the way, maybe tomorrow I'll upload the video process of this art =)

You are an artist @andrianna

by the way I put you in my steemvoter list you deserve our encourages


wow! thank you very much, I am very pleased that you think that I deserve it. Thanks again, you are very kind!

Great job. Really are a good artist my friend.


Many thanks!

I have no doubt that your art is very good and quality.
I really like to see it..
success for you madam @andrianna


thank you!I'm glad that you like my work!
durian wow) it is delicious? I never probyvala. thanks for the pictures, and I was interested to read. By the way, you, too, good night, dear friend Steemit =)


he he...
your welcome..
tank you MS. andrianna

Great job. Really you are a good artist my friend.


Thank you!such a light photo. sunflower reminds me of the sun. thank you for a photo!

Wow really very good drawing and your painting ,so beautiful arts


Thank you!
very beautiful poem! I like that you are a believer!

you are SO GOOD at watercolor ❤😊❤ you just create wonderful art 👌
love the colors, light and shade.


Yes, I like watercolors. many thanks!


most welcome friend 😊

Very beautiful art ..nice

You made beautiful Watercolor sketch..
Awesome friend..