For a long time I was angry at my drawing speed 😂

in art •  2 months ago

I read from top bloggers about the dangers of movies, TV shows and TV in general. Of course, this is the general rule "in a reasonable amount", and the question of harm comes only when you can not tear yourself away from viewing for a second. And the meaning of this harm is not even that the above poisons our lives with spoiled information, no. Among other things, it just takes our time.

This I noticed from my own experience. I was long angry at my street speed drawing, and I had to be angry with myself and all the serials and daggers. 😒 For when on one of the evenings I had only half an hour of free time, which obviously was not enough to watch anything - I drew much more than it could be for 8 seasons 😂

How many excellent art did not see humanity? But as they say - on the same rake every evening.

Читаю у топовых блогеров о вреде фильмов, сериалов и телевизора вообще. Конечно, к этому всему относится общее правило «в разумном количестве», и речь о вреде наступает лишь тогда, когда вы не можете оторваться от просмотра ни на секундочку. И смысл этого вреда состоит даже не в том, что вышеуказанное отравляет нашу жизнь испорченной информацией, нет. Помимо всего прочего, оно просто забирает наше время.
Это я заметила по собственному опыту. Я долго злилась на свою улиточную скорость рисования, а надо было злиться на себя и все сериалы и кинчики 😒 Ибо когда в один из вечеров у меня оставалось всего полчаса свободного времени, которого явно не хватило на просмотр чего бы то ни было - я нарисовала гораздо больше, чем можно было бы за 8 сезонов 😂
Сколько же отличных артов не увидело человечество? Но как говорится - на те же грабли да каждый вечер.

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Wow this is truly impressive, I love the details. I do coloring books as well, But not quite to that level! Wow.

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Hello! many thanks! you have good art too =)

Wonderful art. Excellent art my friend. All the best....

I find myself frustrated with my ability to take photos all the time. Criticisms of your own work can be too much so, but how else would we grow? Do you typically time yourself for these pieces?

Wows wow...wonderful dear

Really awesome drawing friend..
I like your drawing skills....


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Wating for colour

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@andrianna it's a awesome drawing . I really like it❤️

Well, after realization of thing only SHINY SHINY SHINY prevails...
Just kidding a little but agree with your point.


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very beautiful and creative line ❤😊❤ love her eyes and lips, very pretty girl. 😊❤
sorry 2day busy with my personal work, ❤ I love your painting my friend andrianna 😊

Wow! Very nice sketch with an even more nice words. Yes we r all short of time, dont get enough time only for ourselves. But what we have , we have to enjoy every little bit of it ! U draw very well dear, the girl in the sketch looks very pretty, and the dress too.. The leaves aadded more decoration to your work! I have a little request to you! Can you draw a cute sketch for my profile pic ? 😊😊😅

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wow awesome drawing . I like your drawing skills. :)

Wow so wonderful drawing friend @andrianna,
Thanks for share..!

Very good your arts friend

beautiful andriana.

this is a very amazing piece of art that is so amazing, hopefully your day is fun and can be a success for you to continue working in art, greetings from @prob, hopefully you can enjoy my photography😊

Don't be angry next time @andrianna..

you have good ,,

techniques to draw, in addition to your high creativity and talent, I congratulate you

Hello, very good drawing techniques, I love it.

Hi andrinna nice post and beautiful work . keep in touch


hello! thank you!

I have no words now for praising your work.
By the way Impressive Work.


I have no words now
For praising your work. By the
Way Impressive Work.

                 - imowaisab

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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