Blut Im Auge (The Cracked)

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Blut Im Auge

(The Cracked)

We are the Crack in the glass
Reflecting the Truth.
We dwell in the Shadows
Taking comfort in the Night
To befriend our foes
And become whole once again.
No one gets out alive
And to think so is foolish.
Blinded we have become
To thinking immortality
Runs in their blood
But not ours.
We are One
With the Crack
Drawing attention to Disorder
To reflect why we chose
To break into shards
To begin with.

This idea randomly came to me today as I was watching some spiritual videos on YouTube. Maybe it was a download? I'm not sure. I'm not one to know.

I thank you once again for your awesome support. I need all of it I can get right now. I'm trying to figure out how to come up with late rent and deal with the fact I can't go to school this semester. I know it's going to work out but the Cosmos sure is testing my survival.

Stay aware,

Amethyst Midnight

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Oh may God. It's really great. Love it.


Thank you so much! 💚