Week in hospital with my daughter

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I have not been on Steemit for a long time, and now I will tell you where I was. That answer is sad and quite simple. My daughter Eva got pneumonia and we had to stay in the hospital.
And while Eva was treated by doctors - I painted)))

This is a double story. About the girl who went to the hospital and distracts herself with a gadget, and about her mother who dreams of drawing the city)) By the way, the buildings were the hardest to find, because there is a park area around. I am very glad that I did not give up and did it from what was available in that place and point where I was.


The second story is also about how difficult and boring the child is to stay in the hospital. Eve wanted to go outside, and it was forbidden to leave the block.

At the moment we continue the treatment at home. Eva finished all the necessary antibiotics, but there were complications on the skin. It is very similar to an allergic reaction, but for now the doctors are shrugging and asking to continue the intended course of treatment.

So, we at home and I think not to disappear anymore))

All my paintings can be bought for sbd/steem

Thank you for watching!


P.S. It is hard to write in English, because my native language is Russian. But I'm learning. If you notice serious errors in the text that interfere with the correct perception, please let me know about them.

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Great drawing

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So glad your daughter's recovering! Your art is breathtakingly beautiful!

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Beautiful art and nice to know your daughter is recovering

Aw, poor little girl! I bet she's glad to be home now, at the very least. Hope she's feeling better soon!

The treatment continues, but now she is much better.

I hope Eve will recover smoothly ! Pneumonia can be a very harsh illness for delicate children, I will send you and your daughter the best of vibrations from down here, in Australia :)

The artworks are so lovely, @amalinavia <3 You captured the settings and the memories of her hospital stay in a very artistic manner <3

Hope by the time you read this comment, Eva would be alright, She will get well soon, She looks really smart to overcome this fever, and also I think you are one of the cool mother who knows how to handle situation very well, otherwise you wont think about making the time out from such situation. (Just my guess)

Your drawing is superb, it should be really appreciable. Only special people gets such talents like drawing, other arts, singing music etc. And you must be one of them. Your imagination is also note worthy and need special claps especially in the last part where you were trying to find some building to make the sketch some what meaningful, Great effort.

And finally _ what you mentioned about English - I dont think there is any problems with your English, it looks just perfect. Language is just for communication and your English served its purpose, So dont worry..Write more here. Squeeze time to make one post per week here.

Convey my love to Eva, Have a nice day

Beautiful sketches. I hope you'll keep them for when she'll be older :)

I hope she is doing much better now and I'm sorry to hear that she was this sick. But it's nice that you were able to stay with her in the hospital :)

Stay well! Have a nice day!

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OMG, what realistic draws. I really liked both the drawing specially how she is standing a bit twisted in second picture but you draw it perfectly.
I pray to God that your little angel gets better soon, no child should feel pain, lots of love and light to your little girl

Superb drawing of your daughter. I hope she is better now.