10 new sterling silver seaglass necklaces

in art •  4 months ago

Tonight i got down to business! Here is my newest #maui #seaglass necklaces. All are done on 925 #sterlingsliver chains, and measure 18 inches. $20-$30 USD feel free to message me for more information. They are not listed in my online store due to stocking up for a show. But I'll be happy to add them on request 🌺

Online store link here http://squareup.com/store/maui-seed-jewelry note to international sales shipping is $14.50 for under 4 pounds. Will have to chat on discord to get details.

With all that said here are the #beautiful new creations.

#1. Is done with #teal colored maui #sea #glass or what some call #beachglass. In a🐢 #turtle cage.🐢🐢 $30 USD

#2. Is done with a beautiful dark #blue sea glass. In a 🧜‍#mermaid cage.🧜‍ $30 USD

#3. Is done with kelly #green sea glass, and in a🐢 turtle cage.🐢 $20 USD


#4. Is done with teal sea glass, and in a 🧜‍ mermaid 🧜‍ cage. $30 USD


#5. Is done with green sea glass and in a 🐢turtle 🐢 cage. $20 USD


#6. Is done with #aqua sea glass and in a 🐢 turtle 🐢 cage. $30 USD


#7. Is done with a #olive green sea glass and 🐢 turtle 🐢 cage. $20 USD


#8. Is done with kelly green sea glass and 🐢 turtle 🐢 cage. $20 USD


#9. Is done with #cornflower blue sea glass and in a 🐢 turtle🐢 cage. $30 USD


#10. Is done with green sea glass and in a 🧜‍ mermaid 🧜‍ cage. $20 USD



#aloha #love #thankyou #support #ocean #beach #jewelry #nature #crafts #handmade #seaglass #mspsteem #pifc #ccc

Link to all the info about ccc tag🧡

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Wow those are really nice. Think you will do well with those for sure at the show.


Everytime i have the mermaid's i sell out so i decided to try the turles along with them. Thanks for your support 🌺

These are lovely!


Thank u to 🌺 the both of you, @joanstewart

Very well made, what a lovely way of putting washed up glass into good use @aloha-creations

Beautiful pieces.

Namaste, Jaichai

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