And Again I am a Participant of Watercolour and Markers Marathons. New Watercolour Painting: Breakwater

in art •  5 months ago

First of all, I am happy to tell that I again enjoy being at Steemit as I am in Holland and I don't need TOR to visit Steemit. In Russia some sites are blocked and I had to use TOR and it was extremely slow.

So, I again subscribed for 3 marathons. One is watercolour upon master - classes of one interesting aquarelle artist. Another two are drawing roofs of different cities with markers and aquarelle.

Today I would like to share my Painting Breakwater. Watercolour was always difficult for me and first my experience was in winter and after that I didn't open my aquarelle box.

This work was difficult too. And sky and sea with waves...

But it was interesting experience as we combined style and colours of the Dutch artist of Jacob van Ruisdaele and a photo of embankments from San-Pol-de-Leon.

Here is the result:

enter image description here


enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

I can not say that I am very happy with teh result but it is ok for the person who almost doesnt paint with watrecolour. I did my best and even have a headache after.)))

Yours, @aksinya.

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Dear watercolor artist, I like your color pigment first. Then everything you played in the frame. I feel William turner through your watercolor. Go ahead.

Hello! Very beautiful watercolor. It's better than the photo!
I hope that your health and mood are just as beautiful!

I think Russia has more happy people than Holland yesterday.
Russian won the football match and Holland is not even in this year. :-)