AAAAAAAA! I Thought I Had Finished My Painting But I Discovered Something That Needs To Be Added. GUESS WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in art •  8 months ago

Hello everyone!

Difficult period keeps going on and I hope it will end soon.

Some of you know I have problems with health and it worsened...And I try to find the reason. But I keep painting although it is not easy for me now.

I had one not finished painting which was behind the door for last 10 years. And I decided to finish it. I have it in my character that if smth is not finished it keeps bothering me.

I was inspired with some artists from warm countries and I have made this.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

I thought I had finished it. But when I made a photo I understood that I had forgotten something.

GUESS WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)))))))))))))

This painting was behind the door for 10 years:

enter image description here

With love, @aksinya.

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Well, @aksinya, it is quite obvious you've forgot to paint A CAT… who is pouring water into the flower jar ;)


Hahaha the best answer ever! )))


Thank you, @aksinya :)

amazing skills wonderful work i do really lovve your work, following you to enjoy tis amazing works. have a great time.

So sorry about the health challenge, hope you are doing well now?... Nice painting
What was it you forgot?, because this painting looks just perfect...


I think I understood the reason...And I will just adjust to it))) Thank you))) We will see if anybody can guess and then I will tell)))


Your signature lovely.


))))))))))))))))))))))) great answer. you made me is there GK))).

So sorry about your health issues, i wish you quick recovery, and enough energy to put your signature on this perfect piece... winks


hahaha there is a signature - it is GK))) another thing is missing Thank you, dear Silvia. I think I know the reason of worsening and will adjust...

a beautiful finish the leaves

Very fresh and lively.

Hope you get well soon


I will...and your comments are helping me)))

AAAAAA!!! I like it!
I think you forgot about your illness when you were drawing!
Recover, I wish you health!


you made me smile..thank you! and you are right...when I paint I forget about all the problems))))

Esta muy hermoso <3

I'm chuckling here. Of course, it's the flower stems and some water.


So happy to see you!!! and the eye of the artist identified missing things!)))))))))