Sketch-Booking: A Rewind To The Day That Started It All!

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Sometimes decisions made purely by impulse turn out to be the best ones. I have been a “gut instinct” follower meaning I mostly base my decisions on wether they feel good or not. One such decision has been in my art journey. When I turn back and look at the day of browsing around that favorite accessory store of mine, I am filled with gratitude that I decided to pick up that small sketchbook.

It was all impulse and I had never had a sketchbook before that so therefore had no clue how it would serve me.

I think it was about 3 years ago when I got my first owl print mini book, which was just too irresistible to my eyes. I took me a while before I dared making something on the first page. Thanks to the coincidence (Maybe?) of one of my mentors in my college talking about his passion for sketch-booking whilst also showing me a few of them. I found a burning desire and about a million ideas to fill up my own book! That is the day I saw it as a potential habit and hobby.

I started carrying it around with me wherever I went and it’s as if my way of looking at things started changing bit by bit. At coffee shops, parks, public places, etc. Of course I didn’t sketch at places where it would attract attention but it made me an observer. Also because of that I found my long lost love for ball pens.

What was next? Over these years I got myself more and more material and now it is an insatiable hunger lol. I remember wandering around with @ayushijain, looking at gorgeous sketchbooks online only to restrain ourselves from buying “just 1 more” and avoiding burning holes in our pockets :P She and @komal have inspired me greatly over these years along with a few artists who I follow over the internet. I am so glad that I once again followed my gut and it turned out to be such a fantastic thing for me.

I look forward to buying more and more and more.............& more...... and creating some good stuff 😊🤓


This is such a beautiful journey of self discovery, your post encourages me chase my dreams and do the things I love. keep on shining!

Aww, thank you so much. I am glad it inspired you :) Made my day ❤️

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We all have a story to tell on the journey. We share our ups and downs, come across different calibers of prople. They inspire us to get better.

Nice to know about yours.

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Indeed :) thank you so much!

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