You know the story don't you ? - My illustration drawing

in art •  2 months ago 

wolf fairy tale animal cute art illustration by agnes laczo.jpg

Good Morning !

Here is one of my illustration based on a quite famous fairy tale.
I like how clever the big stinky beast is! :-D
I just hope the little lambs don't open the door . At least not
in my version !
Thank You for checking it out and your support !


Have a lovely sunny Sunday !

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Very cool and interesting drawing, Agnes. Excellent work!

We seem to have a few Big Bad Wolves in this blockchain, too. But they seem to attack only small users who post political content.

If you don't post controversial stuff, you're ok. If you do, make sure you have at least 50 000 STEEM because the cowards will not touch you if you're that rich.


HOpefully i wont meet them ever ! Thank YOu ! :-)

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What happened to them little pigs?


The pigs moved out , now the lambs got the shack ! ;-)