Slow down! - my original illustration

in art •  4 months ago 

kutya rajz.jpg

Hey guys,

Let me share with you one of my favorite drawings.
This is an older drawing but it is always makes me smile.
Today i am selling it out in my shop.
I guess time comes when it is time let go of "old" things
if for no other reason but to get inspired to make a new one!
This weekend i went to the swapmeet, and i was lucky enough
to buy some old nice picture frames, so now i am all excited about
making a new painting into them!
That will be my next project, when i have time to sit down and relax
into art.

Thank You for stopping by and for your support !

Have a lovely evening !

make my day.jpg

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Very cute artwork, Agnes. Those sweet houses remind me of the Smurfs. I used to love those cartoons when I was a little kid. 😊

So cute, Agnes :) I can tell that the dog is impatient to move forward and the person is like, "Slow down!!" and I love the details of the houses at the background and the colours are very wonderful and lovely, too <3

And yes, there are times to say goodbyes, but I am sure it will find a wonderful new home :)