My very first HULK painting - Just finished it

in #art4 years ago

hulk art drawing illustration agnes laczo.jpg

This is just my way of practicing. :-)
It was done digitally.

I believe this is a great way to learn, get new skills.

I hope you like it too !



The painting is very nice, and very cool, he looks hard fighting. @agneslaczo

thank You :-)

Count me in, big fan of dc and marvel heroes

:-) what is dc ?

It is the other half of comics univers. DC Comics and Marvel Comics, the ones that have created the superheros

Thank You sir ! :-) I love to learn!

Glad to be helpful anytime :)

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thanks a lot !

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Nice Hulk!))
CG-drawing it's very interesting work!

thank You ! :-)
what is CG -drawing?

Computer Graphic are the same as Digital Art))

ahh. got ya. thanks :-)

It seems to me that the painting was howling like hulk. looked so realistic. I wonder what app did you used to make one?

i use affinty for my art for now.

Love the hulk, nice work :)

thank You dear ! :-)

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What software do you use to paint digital?

Affinity Photo

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