Let the music take you.. - my original painting

in art •  3 months ago 

fashion illustration agnes laczo cat.jpg

Good Morning guys !

Here is my latest painting for you to see !
I had lot's of fun with this one!
It is painted on canvas paper with acrylic and marker.
Kind of a mixed media.
I really like how it turned out, but the best part
was the fact that i wasn't sure where am i heading with this one.
I just enjoyed the music in my headphone, and went with the flow..

I hope you like it too.
Thanks for checking it out and for your support !

( back to painting ..)

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Very interesting work, Agnes! Thanks for sharing!

It seems that the placement of her face moved during your painting ? I really like it, I love her big red dress and the black cat around her shoulders :) Very nice painting, Agnes <3


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