🖊️ Chalk it up! 🎨 - Fun Event in Sacramento! ☀️

in art •  2 months ago

What is up guys!!

Today I am at the Chalk it Up event in Downtown Sacramento. This is a cool event that happens every year during Labor Day weekend. Artist come out and chalk up the sidewalks of Fremont Park! There are some really neat art pieces that wrap the the outside of the park. It is a cool way to add color to the city and also get people outside in the nice weather. There are also lots of food trucks and live music! The best part is it is a free event!



ezgif.com-video-to-gif (70).gif

Thanks so much for your support!!



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Cool art pieces... Great atmosphere :)


it was pretty cool. I am going back today to check them out again



Awesome idea and I also feel great vibes from your video bro.
I got one question,each year they paint different sidewalks at the park or they clean them days later?


Thanks man!
The chalk fades away after about a week or two. They do it at the same park every year :)


Allright thanks for your answer mate.
Seems one hella fun festival.
Waiting for your skate footage!!!!That drop in the bowl we discussed about...hehehe

This is really embellishing the city, I like how everyone makes art in such a great event, hopefully here in my city they did it, it would be amazing :D


Yeah, it sure is cool to see the different styles from everyone :)



What a chalking