🎨🏢 Wide Open Walls Mural Festival 🎨 - Sacramento adds even more color to the city!

in art •  5 months ago

I met up with @karensuestudios , @teamsteem , and @muffintuesday to go check out all the new murals that have been added to the building walls of Downtown Sacramento. This week is Wide Open Walls Mural festival, were 40 new murals get added to Sacramento by amazing artist. I love how this brings beautiful color and art to the city.

Sequence 01.00_01_41_11.Still001.jpg

Check it all out with us on my new @DTUBE video! 😎👍


Thanks for checking out my new video!
Have an awesome day!



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This is cool video .. I love street art painting and always seek for this when I go out . Thanks for sharing .


yeah! Nice street are is super cool! :)