Insomnia and the mole. Pen drawing

in art •  3 months ago

I did this pen drawing while flying high in the sky. I went to visit a friend in Providence, Rhode Island that I had not seen since I was 15 years old. On my flight there and back I basically finished most of this piece. I was on spirit airlines... the greyhound bus of the sky.



To be honest the ink splotch errr mole, is because my pen was leaking a bit. For some reason the pressure of airplanes always cause my pens to leak a bit. It's rather annoying... but I was expecting it to happen.




Some detail shots.

I have trouble sleeping, or falling asleep... so the insomnia part is fitting for me.

Screen Shot 2018-09-05 at 7.14.18 PM.png

Bonus selfie of my friend and I on the beach. Well, on some giant rocks at least.

Eat oysters.

Thanks for having a look.
Stay GRIM!

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Really, what a good capture of how INSOMNIA feels like ! That strange feeling of your eyes growing and growing.... And the mind stretches across all sides !!!

I love it, @achristopherart :D


Yes yes. One of these days I'm going to see a doctor.

I feel like my soul would get swallowed through it's eyes.
Great work, especially taking in count that you made it all with a so small pencil and so thick lines .
keep them up :)

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Love the artwork! Yeah insomnia sucks know all about it...Hope someone could help you with it.


Thanks! I do need to see a doctor, but for the time being that's not really possible. Eventually I will though.


There's a lot of info to find on internet to maybe slightly improve the sleep until then. good luck!

amazing as usual. Those teeth!

Awesome artwork! ❤😊👍