Nature's Final Gift Original Watercolor Painting

in art •  2 years ago 

Hello Steemians!
Finally completed another watercolor painting! Woo! Been taking my time with painting as I've found myself easily impatient with layers so I hope you can excuse the long stretches of absence!


Also excuse the wonky coloring on these pictures. Today's a VERY dark day. Had to turn on 5 lights and it still seemed like it wasn't enough. 😭 I might end up reposting this later on just for the sake of a better photo



This sketch had been sitting around for weeks, waiting for some life so it was nice to finally complete it.


The concept is from a thought I had awhile back:

Humans have the grim reaper come and collect them after they pass, but what about animals? Surely it's not as creepy?

So I ended up creating a whimsical woman collecting an orb from a tiger. This orb actually shows up in past pieces that I've created. Some paintings show it bursting open, with floral life pouring out from it. So in a sense, the tiger's spirit is being taken to be reincarnated into a new life.

This thought seemed more pleasant and innocent than a creepy cloaked figure.

BUT that's just my take on it, what's yours?


Annnnnnd, shameless pic of me working on it. Hehehe. Always trying to put my face behind the works ✌


Hope all has been well for you and can't wait to chat with you AGAIN!

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This is really beautiful work! I'm amazed at how gentle it is and even thought limited colors, very detailed :) Looking forward to your next work.

Thank you!

I really love this painting!
The eyes look cool, pretty, and eerie at the same time. It has a very unique feeling to it, especially with the pastel pallet you chose.
I am really digging this style!

Not only that, but your use of stylized shapes in the tiger and the hair strands on top of what I mentioned before really make this piece stand out.

By the way, I completely understand you about getting impatient with layers..
I do mainly digital art now, but I start many art pieces and get distracted when I get an idea of another art piece to do. I get afraid of forgetting the idea and end up working on that rather than the piece I was originally working on.. and the cycle continues down from that, lol.

Anyway, love your art! Keep up the great work

Omg! Yes! I struggle with the same exact thing! Part of it is good because you have all these new concepts to work with but then the downside is that its difficult to buckle down and complete them!

And thank you! Im glad you enjoyed the little things in my piece! 💕