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Hi guys. I just wanna draw our attention to something different from our conventional conversation on steemit last week. "The flag wars"😂. Almost everyone on steemit have gotten their fair share of the downvote, either malicious or genuine😌😛. There's a fact about the new free downvotes which is " No matter how hard you rant about the downvote policy, nothing's gonna change that. Free downvote is here to stay on steemit". So let's leave that and move on.

I did a live sketch using HB pencil yesterday. Weekend art during my leisure time has always been a way to blow off steam after a long week.

It has come to my notice that most people these days go for other types of tea other than coffee just like me😋. Coffee is really great. But some people love something more medicinal and wonderful. I'm a big fan of green tea. I take it almost everyday cus of its health benefits. The question is when's the best time to take green tea?

Taking green tea in the morning or night. What time is better?

Well, I've seen many people take it anytime cus they love it. My brother takes it anytime😂. However, timing the consumption of this beverage definitely brings additional health benefits. Green tea is great for the skin, contains antioxidants that shreds fat and fights ageing (Haejin😂😂). But ... You should know it can cause a harsh effect on the stomach. So taking it on an empty stomach is a really bad idea. Taking it every morning before breakfast may cause ulcer😟. So it's advisable to take it 30mins after breakfast. You can take it morning and afternoon... It's not recommended at night or in the evening cus it contains caffeine, though lesser than coffee. It's better to go for a caffeine-free herbal tea in the evening.

So it's been wonderful sharing this here with you guys. Perhaps I'd have something to share next weekend. Have a wonderful week ahead. Ciao✌💗

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