Art-Venture Magazine Contest No.91 winners

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The winners' number of votes from the
Steemit community is now counted up

Thanks to everyone in the Steemit community for the great response you have given with their voices to all the 10 final participants.

Here are the 10 artists and their work you have voted for
Art-Venture Contest "Magazine No. 91"

The winners are

Picture number 9

Wins 10 Steem

Painting a painting of a friend of mine, he is a lecturer with a graduate degree .... - by @teungkumerdu

Picture number 1

Wins 6 Steem

Drawing a dog - by @nesni996

Picture number 10

Wins 4 Steem

Drawing "Madonna" in black pen. - by @betzaelcorvo

Steem are transferred to the winner's wallet

@art-venture - @stef1 - @sultan-aceh - @xpilar

Art-Venture Magazine Contest No. 92 is coming soon

To all Steemians be so kind as to not leave gifs, etc.
so as not to distract from the contest thank you.

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Great work winners

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Congratulations to the winners....

Your hard work wins you Steem, those who not win yet, never lose hope, always be positive and keep the good spirit.

Great work Snr. @xpilar, sultan-aceh , @stef1 & @art-venture


Congratulations to all winners!

Excellent work, looking for talent, winners congratulations!

congratulations to the winner. thank you @xpilar for holding a contest

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Good morning. Thanks for sharing this post.i like it this post...

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Congratulations to the winners. Work worthy of being awarded.

Those are all very nice artworks - congrats :)

thank you friends for the prize, happy with this result, many greetings.

Congratulations all winner of good contest art

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The winners are very talented, congratulations!

Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to the all winners

congratulation to the winners

I missed this edition, but I see that they do a great job, greetings!

Waaau, my favorite picture won the contest. Congratulations for them.

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Congratulations to the winners

Congratulations to the winners!

Hearty congratulations for the winners.

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Awesome winners choosen many congratulations to them

Beautiful art graphic. I love art.
Thanks for sharing this post

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