The monster of Arizona - Joe Arpaio.

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Arpaio is a monster. And so, of course Republicans love him. He’s currently in a “dead heat” in the soon to be 3-way primary to replace Jeff Flake in Arizona. If McSally or Ward dropped out, Arpaio would lead easily.

This is a man who imprisoned people in unimaginable conditions—many of whom died—without trial, often for no less a crime than suspicion of immigration violations. Maricopa paid out 9 figures to people who turned out to be American Citizens who were held for those reasons. He often didn’t feed his inmates. Temperatures reached 135F. When he did, he fed them rotten food. He referred to his jails as “concentration camps.” He faked his own assassination, and then tried to incarcerate his patsy. He used county resources to investigate Obama’s birth certificate, even as his department was “shelving” sex crimes and other violent crimes.

This just scratches the surface. I can’t even find an article with a complete listing of all the horrible stuff he’s done (which Republicans are cheering). Dude’s a monster. If you believe the constitution protects you, or that these things can’t happen here, you are sadly mistaken.

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Well written. Joe is a criminal.

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