ARKER weekly #18 / 2018

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New in the next week update

  • Introducing the arks!
  • New animations for the water abilities.
  • New abilities in the shop.
  • As always, a few bugs fixed.

Project status

Arker was born with the purpose of giving a 180 degree turn to the road that was taking the videogame industry, where there are more and more games that do not allow you to progress if you do not make a micro-payment or see some ads. “Why not reward the time spent by a user playing instead of charging for it?” Was the premise that led us to develop Arker and, thanks to blockchain technology, this could be possible.

When we started with the project, more than six months ago, we designed a system by which we rewarded the player when he achieved certain objectives, in addition to being the only owner of his reward. To carry out this model we chose the Waves platform, which thanks to the NG technology and its token commissions allowed us to transfer the rewards very quickly and without incurring in large expenses. However, several changes are currently being made to the platform, which will no longer allow network fees to be paid only in token (requiring payment, in addition to the token, in WAVES), which led us to rethink our reward model; since the current model required the realization of hundreds or thousands of daily transactions.

However, while we were looking for a new model that would adapt to the changes of the Waves platform, another problem appeared in the way: Apple does not allow us to publish an application in the App Store that transmits a cryptocurrency that is not one of the “ biggest ones“: BTC, ETH, WAVES… After many conversations with them it has been impossible, at this moment, to allow the publication of the game if it allows the transmission of a cryptocurrency not recognized by them; asking us to wait a few months before trying again.

So, after many (really many) hours of debating and discussing, we came to the conclusion that it was necessary to make some changes in the reward model that we had originally designed in order to avoid Apple’s restrictions when it came to publish the game, as well as the new limitations of the Waves platform. Always keeping in mind that this new model of reward should respect at all times the original philosophy that the user is always, in a way, the owner of his reward and that he can have it whenever he wants, we have made some changes that allow to keep the original philosophy adapting to the new situation:

  • The user will continue receiving rewards every time he achieves an objective (like winning a battle).
  • The user will continue receiving the rewards immediately for his use in-game in exchange for items that allow you to progress.
  • If the user wants to have their reward in their personal wallet (instead that having it in game), they can request, at any time, an instant withdrawal.
  • These withdrawals can be made from a new section that will be published soon on the official website of the game. In this sections you can view the status of the player’s account, as well as access the store and manage the rewards, among other things.
  • The withdrawals of rewards will be unlimited, but will have a small cost to cover the commission of the network (through the new Sponsored Fees of the Waves platform).

If you have any questions or want to comment something about all this you have at your disposal the Telegram group of the game:

Have a nice week!

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