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How do you become a delegate?

  • You register and reserve a unique delegate name for your server.
  • You rent a cloud server.
  • You install and run an ark-node on your server.
  • You connect your ark-node with your delegate account.
  • You get enough votes to get into the top 51.
  • Now you are a forging delegate.

Ark Delegation is a competitive market and you will need to convince a lot of voters with contributions to get into the top 51. Ark Delegates are very diverse and each offers a very individual service to the community.

What do you do once you are a forging delegate?

  • In short you are now a representative and server administrator in one person.

What are some examples of task for you as representatives?

  • You will have to be active within the Ark community in some way to get and keep votes.
  • You have to decide on profit sharing plans for your voters.
  • You will have to decide on the dynamic fees you want to offer.
  • You will have to review, test and decide which updates to apply.
  • You write and update your delegate proposal.
  • You help your voters and answer their questions.
  • You offer contributions to the Ark Ecosystem to justify your own profit share.

What are some examples of the administrator tasks?

  • You will administrate your node server.
  • You will upgrade your node server.
  • You will troubleshoot the network and shield it from vulnerabilities.
  • You setup a relay server to which you can switch in case your main server would fail.
  • You run additional relay servers to strengthen the network.
  • You maintain payment plans and scripts.
  • You offer other services like blockchain explorers, statistics, faucets and others.

What is the role of the delegate in the Ark ecosystem?

  • Delegates are the elected representatives of the Ark token holders.
  • Delegates are in charge of running the core components of the Ark network.
  • The majority of delegates can decide on critical decisions concerning the Ark network in case of dissent within the community.
  • Delegates have a major role in securing the blockchain.

Detailed Information to become a delegate

Information about current delegates

I hope this short guide gave you a better insight into the Ark delegate system.

This is an update of my original Mini Guide:

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do I have to buy a coin ark first for this delegation program?

  ·  last year (edited)

It is not steemit delegation but Ark delegates. This delegate job requires serious dedication and is similar to witnesses of steemit. As a delegate you need to pay the fee of 25 ARK to register as delegates. But the really challenging part is to organize 1 million in votes to start to forge and get block rewards. Contrary to steemit ... the delegates below rank 51 do not get anything at all.

okay thanks i will learn about this

Nice breakdown. Sounds way easier to just vote for a delegate.

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