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Hello everyone!

Ark Tribe's prototype the game "Fairytale of a Kingdom" has consequently slowed down due to several reasons. To counter this, we are seeking for a number of volunteers and we'll do bounties to get the existing ones going.

The bounty today will be small as the work is not a complete rework or creation, it concern this image:

The work needed on this lineart is:
-- make the character more "visual-novel like"
-- correct proportion defaults (feet notably)

:warning: : I want a lineart not a full-colored picture.

The character's name is : Aurora, she is an Adept of the God of Mystery, she is just eighteen, but her body stopped aging when she was around sixteen. She is from a culture that is strongly influenced by china & greece (see the head picture to see what I mean).

Your work will be used in the game.

Reward: 20 arks for the best suited one, 0.1 steem for the second person, and an upvote worth around 0.01 for the following 5 people.

Djenny Floro.

NB: this character is from the series that's posted "Ark Tribe Game's Story" on this account.

NB2: This is what a visual novel character should look like:



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