Meet Ricco Khara — ARK’s New Marketing Manager

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Over the last few months, we have cast our net far and wide in search of a new Marketing Manager to lead our user acquisition and outreach efforts. After reviewing over 150 applications from 20+ job sites, conducting dozens of interviews, and completing a rigorous vetting process; we’re happy to introduce Ricco Khara — ARK’s new Marketing Manager!

At our core, ARK is a software development company. Our product line prides itself on making blockchain easier for anyone, having the best user interfaces in the business, and creating products that are simple, but effective. Unfortunately, all of that hard work and design effort is put to waste if users never get to experience ARK or use our products. That is where Ricco comes in.

Ricco’s main responsibilities will be to increase user acquisition, position ARK as the platform of choice for developers, and help further develop our products, positioning and messaging. He’ll be responsible for building out strategies, campaigns, and initiatives that ultimately increase the adoption of ARK, the ARK Public Network, and the ARK Blockchain Platform.

Ricco will be joining the existing marketing team and taking over all B2C and B2D marketing activities. This means that Ricco’s core focus will be on user and developer acquisition as well as engagement and retention for everyone from wallet users to developers. Essentially, Ricco will be responsible for building and executing the strategies that help bring more users and developers to the ARK Ecosystem.

About Ricco

From an early age, Ricco has always had an interest in all things creative and everything digital. During his professional career, Ricco has worked across many industries for both SMEs and large global intermediaries with experience working both in house and as part of an agency. He also has management experience from running his own marketing and design agency as well as time spent working for global organizations such as CRH and Informa.

Ricco’s recent career has been heavily digitally influenced. He has spent the last 5 years perfecting his digital marketing skills such as web development, pay per click advertising, social media marketing and more; all key skills that will be essential to this role. Ricco also has experience in traditional marketing, such as events management, graphic design, print, and ambient media, managing 3rd party agencies and writing published copy for magazines/press and online channels.

As part of Ricco’s personal progression, he’s also undertaken several qualifications including a Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Brand Management, all of the Google certifications, and a Master’s Degree in Strategic Marketing Management.

This breadth of education and experience has enabled him to get a firm grasp on a wider spectrum of marketing — such as channel distribution, psychological marketing, customer profiling and segmenting, corporate portfolio and brand equity management, and more.

His interest in new and disruptive technologies are what drew him to the wonderful world of crypto and blockchain. As a firm believer in the transformational power of blockchain, Ricco devotes his free time to learning as much as he can about the space, bolstering his existing knowledge and keeping up with new trends and developments.

When asked why he wanted to join ARK, Ricco mentioned that:

“I’m an avid believer that communication and teamwork equates to success in any organization, something which I felt aligned with your company values after seeing the openness and honesty of ARK.”

We’re very excited for Ricco to join our team and can’t wait for him to start implementing his ideas. You’ll soon be able to catch Ricco on Slack. In the meantime, welcome to the family Ricco!

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