ARK is Now Available On Cryptocurrency Checkout

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ARK has been integrated into Cryptocurrency Checkout, an all-in-one cryptocurrency donation, and payment gateway. Making it easy for anyone to accept donations via social media or accept cryptocurrencies at multiple merchant locations.

This payment gateway gives customers multiple ways to pay, such as 1-click payments for desktop wallets, scannable QR codes for mobile devices, and manual input so you can even use it to pay directly from exchanges.

This service keeps all coins completely decentralized and peer-to-peer by allowing customers to pay directly to any wallets or addresses of your choosing, taking out any middlemen or additional fees commonly found in other payment gateways.

The best part, it has zero fees. Unlike Credit Cards and other payment gateways that upcharge for being a central processor, the only fees you will ever see are standard blockchain processing fees.

Cryptocurrency Checkout currently is accepted for payment processing with platforms like Bigcommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wordpress. Their donation services are integratable with platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. There are also step by step guides for each integration process.

If you want to integrate it you can follow guides at Crypto Currency Checkout:

Now for the best part…

While we work on finishing our roadmap and hitting goals and milestones including massive website improvements and a completely rebuilt Merchandise Shop, we have decided to add Cryptocurrency Checkout to our Merch Shop.

That’s right, while you patiently wait for the new ARK Shop and new merch to be launched, you can now purchase everything in the ARK Shop with ARK! I will personally be adding some new goodies to the shop as well. Stay tuned to and subscribe to one or all of our social media for new merch announcements soon.

This does not stop our process on our new shop using ARK Pay and more, but it definitely helps with the waiting process we know all of you have been patiently waiting on.

How To Pay With ARK On

Here is a quick breakdown of the ARK Shop Process.

Once you have confirmed your purchase and information you will be directed to this screen where you can choose to pay with Bitcoin or ARK. You will want to click “Pay with ARK”.

Next, you will confirm your billing address and click Review Order, then click Complete Order.

Now your order is almost complete, you just need to click Pay now with ARK to goto Cryptocurrency Checkout gateway.

You will then be asked to select payment method again, this question comes up because we can add more cryptocurrencies in the future which would be listed next to the ARK information for comparison.

Scroll down after that to continue to payment options.

You can then choose your method of ARK payment; Desktop Wallet, Mobile Wallet, Manual entry and exchanges.

After that follow the instructions and confirm your transaction, just like any other send function using ARK.

That’s it, congratulations! You have used ARK to buy your ARK merchandise.

Read our new 2019 whitepaper, follow us on social media (Twitter|Facebook | Reddit ), join our community ( Slack | Discord ) and stay tuned to our blog on Medium and on Steemit.

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