ARK GitHub Development Bounty Program — October 2019

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Octobers' GitHub Development Bounty Program has concluded, in this blog we will go over all of the winners. It was a very busy month with a lot of community development, for that we want to thank each and every one of you. This program runs nonstop throughout the year, so it is never too late to join in.

Recently we updated our bounty structure, where we have doubled the tier rewards and also added a bit of competition to the program. We are also running a special Core v2.6 bounty that can net you up to $100 just for reporting issues, to learn more read this blog post.

Thanks to all of the developers for their continued contributions! Be sure to spread the word about our bounty program to help us get more developers involved and contributing to the ARK Ecosystem, not only improving the codebase but also giving developers a way to learn and earn.

Don’t know what this is about and want to get involved?

Please have a read at and also look at other bigger Tier 0 projects at

Here are the participants and contributors of the October 2019 GitHub development bounty program!

dated — $880 USD+20% BONUS ($176 USD) = Total: $1,056 USD

Number of pull requests: 59

  • refactor(core-magistrate): don’t allow multiple business or bridgechain updates for the same id 2019–10–28 12:26:43core#3137$50 USD

  • fix(core-magistrate): get connection from databaseservice 2019–10–25 14:14:22core#3130$50 USD

  • refactor: hide delegate tab if wallet is not on profile 2019–10–15 15:20:30desktop-wallet#1438$50 USD

  • feat: detect if delegate became active this round 2019–10–08 08:13:36explorer#737$50 USD

  • fix(core-transactions): reindex wallet when applying delegate resignation 2019–10–31 20:21:27core#3185$20 USD

  • fix(core-magistrate-transactions): emit correct event 2019–10–25 12:33:30core#3128$20 USD

  • refactor(core-magistrate): use type from core-interfaces 2019–10–25 10:02:10core#3121$20 USD

  • chore: update packages 2019–10–08 11:10:56ledger-transport#8$20 USD

  • refactor(crypto): overwrite arrays when merging milestones 2019–10–24 01:04:14core#3108$20 USD

  • feat: add missing api endpoints 2019–10–08 11:26:44dotnet-client#57$20 USD

  • refactor(core-api): format timestamp of locks 2019–10–22 00:24:18core#3091$20 USD

  • refactor(core-api): sort peers by height, latency 2019–10–21 04:10:53core#3078$20 USD

  • refactor(core-database): refactor searchBusinesses & searchBridgechains 2019–10–25 16:46:49core#3110$20 USD

  • refactor: number formatting and tooltip placement 2019–10–20 02:36:25explorer#758$20 USD

  • refactor: migrate remaining components to typescript 2019–10–20 02:22:00explorer#754$20 USD

  • refactor: replace img with SvgIcon 2019–10–09 11:28:15explorer#753$20 USD

  • fix: provide default port when adding custom network 2019–10–14 10:22:28desktop-wallet#1510$20 USD

  • refactor: custom network during onboarding 2019–10–14 11:37:43desktop-wallet#1508$20 USD

  • fix: get version of custom peer 2019–10–16 16:54:57desktop-wallet#1505$20 USD

  • refactor(core-magistrate): business and bridgechain ids as numbers 2019–10–25 15:21:03core#3118$20 USD

  • feat(core-api): implement businesses/bridgechains endpoint 2019–10–25 22:58:50core#3119$20 USD

  • feat(core-api): add additional fields to businesses search schema 2019–10–29 10:47:23core#3160$20 USD

  • fix(core-database): correctly reduce indexed bridgechain entries 2019–10–29 03:30:03core#3153$20 USD

  • fix: return copy of wallet sidebar filters from state 2019–10–31 11:19:13desktop-wallet#1516$20 USD

  • feat(core-api): add additional fields to bridgechains search schema 2019–10–30 03:36:23core#3165$20 USD

  • refactor(core-api): more restrictive wallet id schema 2019–10–29 14:46:31core#3166$20 USD

  • feat: add 2.6 endpoints 2019–10–29 13:51:16cpp-client#159$20 USD

  • feat(core-magistrate): ensure unique bridgechain name per business 2019–10–26 01:38:30core#3132$20 USD

  • refactor(core-api): fallback to core typegroup if querying by type 2019–10–28 11:16:15core#3147$20 USD

  • feat: 2.6 api endpoints 2019–10–28 03:35:15python-client#104$20 USD

  • feat: 2.6 api endpoints 2019–10–28 03:35:12ruby-client#58$20 USD

  • feat: 2.6 api endpoints 2019–10–28 03:35:09elixir-client#64$20 USD

  • feat: 2.6 api endpoints 2019–10–28 03:35:07typescript-client#70$20 USD

  • feat: 2.6 api endpoints 2019–10–28 03:35:04php-client#75$20 USD

  • refactor(core-database): convert htlc lock vendorfield to string during bootstrap 2019–10–27 04:57:09core#3145$20 USD

  • refactor(crypto): use multiPaymentLimit from milestone if available 2019–10–26 02:10:48core#3136$20 USD

  • deps: update vue-good-table 2019–10–31 11:42:39desktop-wallet#1494$20 USD

  • feat: add missing api endpoints 2019–10–01 02:27:25swift-client#44$20 USD

  • chore: update workflow config 2019–10–19 06:11:14elixir-crypto#55

  • chore: update workflow configs 2019–10–19 06:11:18swift-crypto#36

  • chore: update workflow config 2019–10–19 06:11:23go-crypto#54

  • chore: update workflow configs 2019–10–19 06:11:11rust-crypto#46

  • test: refactor to remove warnings 2019–10–02 11:51:52php-crypto#63

  • chore: update workflow config 2019–10–19 06:11:20python-crypto#98

  • chore: update workflow config 2019–10–19 06:11:26java-crypto#66

  • chore: update workflow config 2019–10–19 06:11:28ruby-crypto#49
    chore: update workflow config *2019–10–30 09:57:35 *— dotnet-client#75

  • chore: update workflow config 2019–10–19 06:11:31typescript-client#69

  • chore: update workflow config 2019–10–19 06:11:38elixir-client#63

  • chore: update workflow config 2019–10–19 06:11:41swift-client#49

  • chore: update workflow config 2019–10–19 06:11:44java-client#62

  • chore: update workflow config 2019–10–19 06:11:46go-client#72

  • chore: update workflow config 2019–10–19 06:11:50php-client#74

  • chore: update workflow config 2019–10–19 06:11:52ruby-client#57

  • chore: update workflow config 2019–10–19 06:11:55python-client#105

  • refactor: remove unnecessary loop 2019–10–22 08:39:39core-tx-tester#5

  • fix: dynamic margins of pagination buttons 2019–10–31 11:44:22explorer#762

  • ci: set shell to cmd on windows build steps 2019–10–25 08:58:48desktop-wallet#1522

  • refactor(core-p2p): pluralize logs 2019–10–29 14:44:37core#3168

ciband — $240 USD+10% BONUS ($24 USD) = Total: $264 USD

Number of pull requests: 12

  • ci: add esp8266 arduino cli configs back 2019–10–31 16:17:58cpp-crypto#182$20 USD

  • test: fix ESP8266 Unit Tests 2019–10–28 06:15:10cpp-crypto#169$20 USD

  • test: break up unit tests to support platforms with limited RAM 2019–10–28 05:56:30cpp-crypto#172$20 USD

  • ci: call correct EXE for windows tests 2019–10–28 05:47:14cpp-crypto#170$20 USD

  • feat: disable wifi on esp8266 during tests 2019–10–31 19:04:51cpp-client#163$20 USD

  • feat: disable wifi on esp8266 during tests 2019–10–31 19:03:15cpp-crypto#181$20 USD

  • ci: add esp8266 arduino cli configs back 2019–10–31 14:10:11cpp-client#161$20 USD

  • fix: Fix transaction::to_json tests on ESP8266 2019–10–30 11:08:50cpp-crypto#180$20 USD

  • fix: Fix transaction::to_array tests on ESP8266 2019–10–30 10:32:54cpp-crypto#178$20 USD

  • Remove upload port used for debugging 2019–10–28 21:48:40cpp-crypto#175$20 USD

  • Enable esp8266 tests 2019–10–28 21:22:52cpp-client#158$20 USD

  • Fix ESP32 Tests 2019–10–28 20:44:32cpp-client#157$20 USD

Lemii — $220 USD+5% BONUS ($11 USD) = Total: $231 USD

Number of pull requests: 7

  • refactor(core-magistrate-crypto): use URI schema for website and repository validation 2019–10–29 12:32:17core#3162$100 USD

  • refactor(crypto): change MaximumPaymentCountExceededError error 2019–10–29 03:30:29core#3152$20 USD

  • polish(core-magistrate-crypto): remove redundant bridgechain schema properties 2019–10–28 11:15:39core#3150$20 USD

  • fix(core-magistrate-crypto): improve ‘name’ field validation to avoid illegal characters 2019–10–28 11:14:35core#3148$20 USD

  • refactor(core-magistrate-crypto): consolidate bridgechain schema and streamline its usage 2019–10–27 04:56:47core#3143$20 USD

  • refactor(core-magistrate-transactions): BridgechainUpdate errors 2019–10–27 04:56:32core#3141$20 USD

  • feat: add nodemon and npm scripts 2019–10–22 08:42:19core-tx-tester#4$20 USD

alessiodf — $200 USD

Number of pull requests: 7

  • fix(core-p2p): properly terminate bad connections 2019–10–22 13:29:37core#3103$100 USD

  • refactor(plugins): add destroy method and binary websocket support 2019–10–30 18:55:39desktop-wallet#1500$20 USD

  • refactor(plugins): support ark uri scheme in webframes 2019–10–30 17:57:51desktop-wallet#1527$20 USD

  • chore(crypto): 2.6 prereleases after milestone 2019–10–16 15:05:53core#3077$20 USD

  • fix(core-p2p): convert isAppReady response to object 2019–10–10 06:58:24core#3050$20 USD

  • chore(core): load core-p2p earlier 2019–10–15 03:59:12core#3051$20 USD

  • docs: core-sv-029 2019–10–02 14:26:32security-vulnerabilities#19

Other Contributors

Special thanks to other contributors who also helped in October with pull-requests, improving documentation, fixing typos and other fixes! We are extremely happy to see our vibrant and enthusiastic community involved in the path we are walking together!


Number of pull requests: 1


Number of pull requests: 1

  • AIP-126 Ark covenants 2019–10–14 12:26:55AIPs#131


Number of pull requests: 1

  • docs(sdk): fix client name typo for python 2019–10–14 12:19:49docs#489

Are there any other development bounties going on?

Yes! There is also the community-run ACF (ARK Community Fund) — read more here: ****

Earn ARK Tokens for Testing

Want to earn ARK by testing out the newest Core v2.6? With our Core v2.6 bounty, you can get involved with the public testing in exchange for rewards.

**Earn up to $100** in ARK tokens for each issue you report related to Core v2.6 and all the new transaction types. But wait there’s more, reporting issues could net you a spot on the **Leaderboard**, for a chance to receive an additional bonus reward of up to $1,000.

Start **reporting issues here** or join our #Devnet channel on the **ARK Slack** for more help. Get testing now to start earning!

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