The 4 reasons Not to raid Area 51

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I know, some of you might think that I'm part of the FBI, just because of this article. But I can assure you, I'm not. I'm just a normal human who thought logically while typing out this article. And I think it's very important to publish this article.

If you seriously want to raid area 51, here are 4 reasons why you absolutely shouldn't.

1. It's a f+cking crime!

It needs to be made ABSOLUTELY clear, that the ,,Storming Area 51" Meme was originally just created as a funny joke. And that's for very good reasons.

I know, most of the people saying something along the lines of ,,I'm gonna participate in the area 51 raid" are just making a meme, and do Not actually intend to storm area 51.
But I'm afraid that there are some people who legitemately haven't thought through, why it's bad to storm area 51, and intend to do it anyways.

This is why I've published this article in the first place.

2. The US army will shoot you, no matter what

It doesn't matter if you're wearing a ,,Shoot me if you're gay" T-Shirt. Or even if you're just coming for the memesake.
The FBI will shoot anyone who comes even close to Area 51 (or any of the other secret ares, for that matter).
It's a risk you should Not take at any cost. Or else you'll be dead in no-time, and you haven't even uncovered any secrets.

It's best you stay at home to stay alive.

3. The FBI will have already hidden their secret technology in a different area

Since many people online have already publically anounced, that they want to raid Area 51 (even if it's just as a meme with no actual intentions of raiding area 51), the FBI will have already hidden their secret aliens along with the secret alien technology in a different top-secret area. And it's not worth the trouble figuring out which one it is, since the only possible outcome of this attempt is death.
And after that, you cannot respawn under any circumstances, since you died in real life. It doesn't matter how much prepared you come to any of these areas, the FBI will always be prepared better than you, making it guaranteed that you get shot. They always have much more weapon budget than your own "army" and there will always be more FBI agents than area 51 raiders. Alien technology is very likely to be unbelievably stronger than anything ever conceived by humans. And you wouldn't have access to anything even remotely strong enough to stop the FBI.

4. If you could raid area 51, the outcome would not be good

Let's pretend, that you did actually uncover area 51's secret. What would happen? Spoilers: Nothing good at all.
Since you free'd the aliens, they start invading the entire planet. The aliens would rule the earth, and all humans would be gone, including all the people you care about.
This is a real life alien invasion. But the start of that alien invasion would be at your own fault. And there might be no-one who could save the world. And if the FBI is in fact actually able to save the world, they'd kill you afterwards as a punishment, along with all your peers, who also participated in the area 51 raid.
The FBI have hidden their aliens for a good reason, after all.
And if you have not found any secret aliens or alien technology, you died for nothing.

Remember: They CAN, in fact, stop all of you, and they DAMN MAKE SURE that THEY WILL! And these are the reasons why.

Remember to share this with anyone you care about, especially if they're located in the US, to make it especially clear why they shouldn't participate in the area 51 raid, and exactly why it should stay just a funny meme.

After I've been serious for so long, here are some funny area 51 memes. I wish you all common sense.

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