Drawing with a twist: Bow and paint brush: Contest Entry

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Heyyo! Finally drew some digital art after not making after a couple of days maybe even weeks(?) Still don't have that much energy to digital art that much but it was nice to finally make something with my drawing tablet again~ Had a nice time drawing it though this was suppose to be a simple drawing but ended doing more than I planned to welp

This is my entry for @jacinta.sevilla's contest! You can check out the contest here~ For the contest, you gotta draw jacinta.sevilla with a bow and a paint brush as an arrow! I hope you like my entry~

Artful Archeryp.png

I've actually tried archery a couple of years ago I think with @tadstrange, it was fun! I have terrible aim though

The pose of my entry is based on the pic that was given in the contest post

I've recently started re-watching Cardcaptor Sakura so I decided to go with a magic approach for my art! It was nostalgic watching that animu again and I surprisingly remembered more eps than I thought I did but then again when it comes to shows I remember them better than most life stuff sweats I might try drawing Sakura when I can but that's for another time I probably should go back to talking about this art

So yeah, tried to incorporate magic stuff into this! I tried to draw a magic circle thing and attempted to give the bow a magical girl weapon look(emphasis on tried and attempted) I like how the bow looks but it's hard to draw a magic circle that looks...magic-ish and cool(I've tried before and my previous attempts didn't look good at all) Anyway, here's some progress shots

Artful Archery a.png
Artful Archery b.png
Felt the sketch was too messy so I re-sketched it to make it easier for me to lineart
Artful Archery c.png
Oh yeah, I also added a fancy arrow mark on the arm guard and added a gem thing on the bow(drew a rose on the gem because why not) Didn't lineart the magic stuff when I linearted because I decided to add them once I started to colour/shade" sooo on to the next progress shot!
Artful Archery d.png
Was contemplating on whether I make the "wings" just lines or have them filled but I feel like lines would go better with the magic circle so that's what I went with
Artful Archery e.png
The pic below shows how the magic circle looks without it getting all squeezed up. I drew it in Clip Studio Paint(Majority of the pic was done in Paint Tool Sai expect for some sparkles and effects here and there) Bless CSP for having a mirror line function. Most of the stuff on the magic circle is just me randomly scribbling except for the center which is ..an artist palette? Huh, I always called a paint holder welp I guess I've learned a new thing
Artful Archery Magic Circle.png
And here's the finished pic! Decided not to add the yellow border for the finished progress
Artful Archery.png
Um jacinta.sevilla if you'd like a slightly bigger version of the art without that watermark at the bottom left feel free to ask for it and also maybe leave your email/discord so that I can send it to you! But just a comment asking for it without giving either of those is also fine

And that's it for the post! No idea what my next post is gonna be or when I'll even post it but guess we'll have to find out whenever that happens(man I should really get around on continuing the gift thing someday) Thanks for checking out my post and goodnight~


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so beautiful :O

Thank you~

I will forever love the anime drawings made by people like you. Congratulations for your hard work, always improving :)

Ahh thank you!!! I'll try to keep improving~

This is an amazing work. So beautiful and full of details.
It's a pity you don't produce this kind of art more often. It may very well be the beginning of a whole series.
It would be great to discover what every part of the magic circle can do or offer and what the magical painter can do with that brush. Maybe some crossover between the Green Lantern and Dr Strange :)

Aww thank you! And ahh I got a lot of other things/ideas I'd like to work on but maybe I'll revisit this someday but no promises😅 My motivation and mood in drawing in certain styles change a lot

Though those are some cool suggestions! Green Lantern and Dr Strange meeting with a magical arrow paintbrush user would make quite the story I think

Hahaha. That actually sounds pretty farfetched. But, after Predator vs Alien, Jason vs. Freddy, etc... everything is possible


I love those blue ribbons that came flying away from the bow, they are so cool aaaaaaaaa

the girl archer is awesome and the paintbrush arrow is awesome tooo and everything that thilah makes is awesomeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


congrats for curie \o/

Bless all the magic animu I've watched especially Cardcaptor Sakura since that was what helped inspired this✨

Everything that spidey makes is super awesomeeeeeee aaaaahhhhhh
And thank you~

omg no

i make sketchies

what thilah makes is the awesome one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow...Being a regualar steemien, there are many advantages here. It gets a chance to see talented people more than what we meet in day to day life in a single stage here. Art is not every body's cup of tea., especailly the art and music. It must be inborn to made a miniature with pencil, brush or paint and colors.

Your sketches makes just perfect, it have some really special cuteness and the magic wheel imagination also really nice.

A good post,

Awww thank you very much! And mm that's true but at the same time I think anyone can technically make art and music but whether said art and music are up to people's tastes and standard are a different question

I actually use to not really like drawing when I was a child but then started to like it when I entered my teens. Some peeps might start even later than that and that's okay too! There's no age limit to art and music

Ahh thank you again~

Paint magic! I wish I could shot a canvas with an arrow like this and suddenly super beautiful painting happen haha XD would be quick and easy. Love the colors of magical girl jacinta :D The one without the sparkles and fx gives me a ghibli vibe.

Yesh paint magic! And hahaha I wish I could do that too(that'll definitely cause my hands to not hurt so much when I make a lot of drawings)

Thank you! And ohh, really? Yay for ghibli vibes~

Hi thilah,

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Ahh thank you so much 😭❤❤❤

The artwork is looking beautiful and neat! She looks like an ambitious painter. It is great to see your detailed progress until the end result. Thanks for sharing it with the link to the contest too. Congratulations for winning the Curie upvote!

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Thank you!!! And mm a magical ambitious painter that wants to fill the world with lovely art~

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Wow this is so cute and creative haha awww card captor sakura brings back memories!
That doctor strange-ish art circle looks cool haha you designed it well.
Its all awesome, although I also like the simplicity of the character and
On the base color image it has this Ranma 1/2 feel to it and it's awesome!

The watermark is cool, I wouldn't want it off :) great art thanks so much for joining!

Yay a fellow Cardcaptor Sakura watcher! It really does feel nostalgic watching it again~

Thank you!! And pffft oddly enough I did draw a Ranma 1/2 fanart a couple of weeks ago for a contest

Aww thank you😭 A lot of peeps aren't the biggest fans of watermarks so it's nice knowing someone actually likes it. Thanks for making this contest~

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Oh dang I didn't even know I already had a rank- Also thank you for the upvote~

Go the magical rune circle of imminent doom! :D

Or mystic art whichever XD

So when is this anime coming out ;D

Oh my god I love that name for the magic circle!
Pfffft it's gonna come out on Feb 31st 2020//no

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Ohh thanks for the mention!

You're welcome @thilah

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ouch this is really different and interesting form of art. From the original picture, i cannot even think something like this can be created. I think it is digital art right?

Yep it's digital art! And ahh I guess I gotta thank for the animes I've watched to help give me this idea

yeah animes gave you super cool idea

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ehy dear @thilah, it is amazing! so beautiful work! it's so amazing what you can do with technology! how much patience there must want to do this !!
did you study to do this or are you self-taught?
by the way congratulation !! :-))

Thank you so much! Ahh, I'm self taught
Thank you again~

I like your work.