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The technology of augmented reality is one of the most advertised futuristic technologies in the modern world. In other words, this technology is considered one of the most marketable and potentially profitable technologies that can be introduced in the near future. Pioneers who make a significant contribution to the development of this technology can make billions. The largest corporations such as Microsoft, Apple and Google are actively developing new prototypes in this area in order to become the first. However, the problem lies in the fact that the standards offered by different corporations are plentiful, as are the many form factors of devices designed to perceive augmented reality. There are telephones, special glasses, screens with cameras and more. There is no single gold standard for augmented reality. One such standard is offered by Arcona.

What Arcona is?

The Arcona project, based on the concept of cryptocurrency, offers a single standard for augmented reality, complete with a ready-made platform for its commercial use. This is not the only cryptocurrency offered in a bundle with a certain technology, advertised as innovative. With the current abundance of cryptocurrency, integration with new technology is one of the most effective ways to advocate a particular cryptocurrency from the ocean of others and give some guarantees of its future. But the technologies that are proposed to promote this way can be. divergent. Some are very exotic; there is, for example, a cryptocurrency which is backed by technology of growing medical marijuana. As for Arcona, the authors of this project did not bet on something exotic and niche, but immediately aimed at a grandiose undertaking: augmented reality, one of the most profitable and marketable of new technologies. Here are some of the problems that it helps to solve:

    • Advertising space in traditional media is crowded. Introduction of augmented reality allows us to open a new advertising channel, which is not yet in demand;

    • There is no standard for observation devices for augmented reality. Different companies offer incompatible devices. The Arcona system is developed as a multi-platform system and compatible with various devices;

    • Most augmented reality systems are poorly suited for placing virtual objects in open spaces. The Arcona system does not need satellite positioning, it links virtual objects of augmented reality to real objects in space.

    • Most augmented reality systems are very difficult. Arcona offers easy access to this technology for most developers.

Arcona is a cryptocurrency, a single standard of augmented reality, and a commercial platform that offers a trade of "real estate" intended to accommodate the augmented reality objects on it. Its main purpose is advertising, navigation and information; this is not a situational system of augmented reality for an individual, showing what is needed specifically for this person, all users of Arcona will see the same virtual object in the same place. Purchases and sales of places for allocating such objects are held for the Arcona token.

How it works

Blockchain technology not only provides the operation of cryptocurrency, for which sites for virtual objects are bought and sold, it also tracks the sites themselves, their owners and all their transitions from one owner to another. On the purchased site, you can place something catchy for advertising, you can use an index to help people navigate in unfamiliar terrain, you can use 3D objects for some game event. The possibilities are limited only by the imagination of the user of the Arcona system. The token of the Arcona system is an ERC20, based on Ethereum technology, and can be not only bought for money but also won in a number of ways. In addition, lotteries of rights to free areas of territory for placing objects of augmented reality are practised.

There are limits to what Arcona can do. It cannot provide individualized augmented reality such as a heads-up display for a soldier. However, its existing capabilities are more than enough for the project to succeed.


Arcona was developed by PilgrimXXI, a Russian innovation company. This company has a formidable experience in developing augmented reality projects. Its pilot project was several augmented reality parks built in various places. A headset for seeing augmented reality objects, adaptable for most common smartphone models, was also developed by the company. The technologies behind Arcona all were under development for independent projects during the last five years. What makes Arcona distinct from the previous inventions of PilgrimXXI is the use of the blockchain technology. The Arcona project is sponsored by the Russian government through the Skolkovo Foundation.


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