Exploring the Steem Blockchain, DApps and Steepshot – Sndbox 007

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Exploring the Steem Blockchain, DApps and Steepshot

Month one of the Sndbox Incubator has already passed (time flies). August saw CritDay introducing itself to the Steem community, making connections and even collaborating with fellow cohort members. If you have missed any of these posts check them out here.

Now it is time to go deeper into the world of blockchain. The aim for this month is to explore the new tools and applications made available through the Steemit blockchain. How can these developments be used by architecture students, what is their benefit and could they replace the established tools available today? CritDay will seek to answer these questions and move during September.

What are DApps?

Although Steem is relatively young there are a growing number of applications (decentralised apps or DApps) being developed on the platform. Developers are keen to test how blockchain could be used to improve websites, applications and uses such as social media. Blockchain offers new opportunities through incentivisation and the tight community of early adopters in a decentralised setting.

Some of these DApps are similar to established websites and apps we are currently using in day to day life. Some of these include:

Steemit - a blogging platform - most similar to Reddit
Busy.org - another blogging platform similar to Steemit - as above
Steepshot - a photo sharing platform - most similar to Instagram
DTube - a video sharing platform - most similar to Youtube
DSound - a music sharing platform - most similar to Soundcloud

These are just a few of the current developments, which continue to grow and evolve. Why not share your favourite, or experience of any of these below?

Cohort Month Two - Steepshot

For the remainder of September CritDay will be focusing specifically on Steepshot.

Steepshot Homepage

The photo sharing platform is one of the most popular DApps on the Steem blockchain and could be a good introduction to a non-steem/blockchain audience.

The research will form part of the wider aims of the Sndbox Cohort and will be compiled into an assignment (keep an eye out for the over on the Sndbox profile.

CritDay wants to use this period of exploration to research the following:
How does Steepshot compare to established platforms?
How user friendly is Steepshot for the average user?
What is the level of audience interaction on Steepshot?
Could Steepshot be a viable alternative to posting on Instagram?
Is Steepshot relevant to architecture students and promoting architectural education?

Over the coming weeks CritDay content will be posted to Steepshot, in addition to Instagram as normal. This period of testing will be used to research the questions above. In addition, it will hopefully be an opportunity to encourage some of CritDay’s Instagram audience to try out Steepshot themselves.

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