Neo-Gothic Church, far from 19th-Century England – Architectural Photography

This stately example of neo-gothic architecture is in an Indian hill station up in the Himalayas.  

Landmark and legacy

Christ Church is one of the oldest churches in India. Built by the British Raj during the prime of the gothic revival in the 1850s, it is situated on a ridge overlooking the town of Shimla. It remains one of the prime landmarks of the town, as well as one of the most enduring legacies of the Raj.    

It can be seen from miles around, and just a glimpse of this imposing structure reminds you that, while this is India, there was something more going on there for a few centuries.  [Right-Click Here to Enlarge Photo]

By Kipling

Historical note – The window in the chancel was apparently designed by Lockwood Kipling, the father of the great writer Rudyard Kipling.    
Location – Chirst Church, Shimla, on Google Maps

This is my entry in @juliank’s Architectural Photography contest.
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What a beautiful place! I'm far from religious but I do really appreciate the architecture in churches. Really, some of the coolest places in the world. Another great shot. I just found your profile today. You got yourself a new follower


Right, it was quite beautiful, in a very un-ostentatious way. There's almost no fancy ornamentation, just those plain cream-colored walls. I found it to be one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen – neo-Gothic or otherwise.

I always enjoy churches and visit them whenever I am traveling around. In India I tended to prefer Hindu temples because they were so different from our Western churches.


Right. Both the churches and temples are generally very great places to visit.

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Beautiful building. It reminds me of a church in Caracas, Venezuela: Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel in El Calvario Park. Built in 1885.


Interesting. The European colonizers went around the world, raping and pillaging and building churches.



In fact, some Venezuelan churches were built in neo-Gothic styles due to the studies of some ecclesiastics. For example, the other church in Caracas called Our Lady of Lourdes has that architectural style thanks to the artistic vein of the priest Augusto Pavageau. He spent hours studying the Diccionnaire Raisonné de l'Architecture Francaise du XIe. Au XVIe. Siécle, by Eugene-Emmanuel Viollet-le-Duc, renowned French architect of the Gothic renaissance. He himself drew up sketches.


That's correct. They held the bible in one hand and a revolver in the other. Through treaties and threats of terror, they subjugated and "discovered" lands across the ocean.


This cultural critique got out of control but it's ok.

I can't love more people who keep the history alive by taking care of the old buildings and let them share stories with the people. I just LOVE IT!! :)

Very nice building. One of the few positive moments that India has received from the UK.

Очень красивое здание. Одно из немногих позитивных моментов, которые получила Индия от Великобритании.


Yes, undoubtedly, there were plenty of negative moments. Perspective dictates that we should see both the positive and the negative.

@majes.tytyty Shimla is also a well-known city for good quality Apples and also a leading producer. It's a major tourist destination of India. This landmark Christ Church is a great place and must visit it. Good post @printskill

Amazing photo, mine one is also not bad. A4576AF8-1F63-4B44-8957-FE6E3B306C03.jpeg
Are you agree?

Architecture looks so gorgeous from outside...And nice click also from photographer...

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Yeah you are right its most wonderful building,Amazing architecture,Many historic buildings in india,your photography is to good,thanks for sharing,


Yes it's wonderful

Wows..... Really...very beautiful place........and....... Awesome photography, my dear friend majes.tytyty

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Why did you post these photos from your post in my comments section? That's like spam. Please refrain from doing so in the future. Thanks.

This is great. It is a dream to work on such projects for every civil engineer.

Its really a beautiful church, and awesome photography.
It is one of the major tourist attraction in Shimla, i am glad that i seen it. Thanks for sharing.

I like your post

It is really a beautiful church, it is great that it survived and still is in such a great condition!!


Yep, and it's great that India survived a few centuries of colonization. But that's a different story.

A beautiful place and building as well, wish the people therein have beautiful hearts as the building

This is a very good picture and you have written a good post too. keep doing its nice.

Really cool photos, very professional thank you for sharing.

An ancient religion site of India is a source of worship for Christian. It is India's belief that there are many religions here, there are large temples and there are churches and there are also gurus and there are mosques.This is the religious heritage site of India.

Gothic design is a style that thrived in Europe amid the High and Late Middle Ages. It advanced from Romanesque design and was prevailing by Renaissance engineering. Beginning in twelfth century France, it was broadly utilized, particularly for houses of prayer and places of worship, until the sixteenth century.

An architectural photographer can create dramatic images of buildings that perhaps at first glance, do not seem to be all that photographic. Understanding architectural design and then selecting the angles that best portray the building, combined with critical lighting - which is determined by time of day - are all essential components in fine architectural photography.

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I like it, the old buildings are really beautiful

I give credit to the constructors of that Neo- Gothic church, its indeed a nice building, i wish to just pay a visit to it.

And i greatly applaud you for posting such an interesting picture to the views like me.

Most welcome very nice neo-Gothic Church, far from 19th- CenturyEngland- Architectural photography is very niceflower-3140492__480.jpg


You pasted this exact same photo under a recent post of mine. Please don't spam my posts with irrelevant images.