Architectural Photography - Agios Stephanos Monastery in Meteora







These photos are original and taken with Panasonic FZ82.

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Such a beautiful place ever.. you professional photographer

your post is very good I like your post @kaleman
by. @adit123

I loved the place! Touching the sky👼

Beautiful contrast between the rocky cliff and the green vegetation. Wonderful shots @Kalemandra.

wonderful place! !! thank you

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looks very good.

Hermosa @kalemandra toma ,es toda una composición uniforme entre la naturaleza y la creación del hombre,me gusto mucho que fue diseñada en la cima de una colina ,saludos

The ridicule is very old-fashioned and wonderful.
The picture is so good.

The ridicule is very old-fashioned and wonderful.
The picture is so good.

I've always wanted to go here .

The ridicule is very old-fashioned and wonderful.
The picture is so good.

I upvoted your post.If you like, please upvote, comment & follow(photography).please visit my post one time.
please @kalemandra

Such a peaceful and pretty place ! I love stones, and this architecture is amazingly wonderful...